Around the World in Mazgaon

16th February, 2020


Mazgaon, Mumbai, India

I’m back in Mazgaon! This time it’s the Joseph Baptista Garden, a very cute and spacious hill park which overlooks the Dockyard area.

This garden has a play area for children and a variety of flowers.

And the most interesting of all, it has models of the Seven Wonders of the World.

A picturesque walkthrough :

The Leaning Tower of Pisa




Taj Mahal


Eiffel Tower


Christ the Redeemer

(Rio de Janeiro)

The Statue of Liberty

(New York)

Chichen Itza


You can ascend even higher from this hill, unfortunately the entry was restricted.

Play Area for Kids

A Pleasant Place to Walk

Morning timings – 5 am to 11 am

Evening timings – 4 pm to 9 pm

I’d recommend going at 4 pm if going on weekends, it’s pretty empty and you can take good pictures. Stay back until 7 pm and see the little monuments light up!



Joseph Baptista Garden

Ekta Nagar,


Mumbai – 400010



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A Heritage Walk to Mazgaon:

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7 December ’19


Mazgaon, Mumbai, India.


More than 19 years in this city, yet, there is a reality waiting to be explored.

Mazgaon is an enigma. It resides in the heart of Mumbai, yet, you’ll never know the story that it hides.

It was one of the most cosmopolitan area of Mumbai. People of all communities dwelled here together, celebrated festivals together. They all thrived through different occupations and lived a peaceful life. It is one of the best garden towns and people settled here due to the sweetness of the water available. One can still find such bavdis, a breathing relic of the past.

The opportunity to discover this gem in our city was possible due to a heritage walk organised by the History Department of our college.

We were accompanied by our teacher and Mr. Rafique Baghdadi, a very knowledgeable and kindly sir, who showed us around and enlightened us about the history and culture of Mazgaon.

(P.S. The name ‘Mazgaon’, actually comes from Machgaon, wherein ‘Mach’ stands for ‘fish’. The nuance altered throughout the ages of translation.)


One has to get down at the Dockyard railway station, harbor line. Look above, and you’ll find a temple of Goddess Gamdevi, situated high above on a hill, facing the majesty of the Dockyard.

The Temple

Our little group of college students gathered outside the church of Our Lady of the Rosary, from where our heritage walk would begin.

Church of Our Lady of the Rosary

This church is a Roman Catholic church with high walls and compact stained glass widows. There is a school associated with it too.

The school too, was a prominent one, a hub of the rich and famous and children of Navy officers of Mazgaon in the past.

We walked further, unveiling more secrets of our own city.

This train track is not functional anymore. But during the pre-independece era, it was used to transport goods, especially cotton.

This rampart was probably a watchtower, looking over the to and fro of goods.

Here is the oldest Koliwada of Mumbai. Their population here has dwindled, as many moved out to look for newer opportunities.

A Glimpse of the Mazgaon Docks

We moved through a narrow but well connected labyrinth of houses. Older than 1900s and beyond, these homes are a heritage in itself.

This is the China House building. Earlier, there were a lot of Chinese that lived here. There was opium trade carried out in Bombay at one point.

One peculiarity that one can find is that each house here has the name of the owner and the year of establishment written. If another person took over, it mentions the name and year again too.

The Bavdi

In the China House building, one can see a bavdi (well). Earlier, it was a simpler structure. Now, they have sealed it for safety purposes. However, one can open the net and get access to the water.

Parsi style windows

As we walked out of the labyrinth, we came across a tranquil road, flanked by lush green trees.

Khorshed Mansion

The Khorshed mansion is a very strange building, the rear of which is completely flat. From the front, it looks just like a normal building.

The above is a building where the cast of the movie Manto visited during shoot.

One of the highlights of this walk was our visit to a Taoist Chinese temple on the Nawab Tank Road. A very rare temple, something that is almost extinct even in China.

A painting of Fuk, Luk and Sau

Fuk, Luk and Sau are the trinity of Chinese worship.

(These) These Three Wise Men are Chinese gods who are FuK LuK Shou. Fu represents good luck and harmony; Lu stands for authority, power and wealth; Shou signifies good health and longevity.

-via Feng Shui-Import

There were two temple rooms. The Gods present were Samurai Gods and their retainers. It was a very peaceful and fascinating place.

The First Temple Room

The Second Temple Room

Continuing further down a sun kissed path, we came across the bungalow of a Hindi film actress and got a glimpse of the ‘Officers Colony’, a place for ship pilots.

The Bungalow of Ms. Kamini Kaushal, a Hindi Film and TV Actress. (This is also the area of the erstwhile Gloria Church.)

The Gate of the Officers Colony

We then proceeded to the Pine Restaurant, which is a very old, yet charming place.

A Colonial Style Tea Cup

Keema Pav (One of the really good dishes out here!)

After a good breakfast, our adventure continued. We entered a road called as ‘Gunpowder Road/ Darukhana’.

A Place where Flags are Made

We also passed by an Agiary, where the people told us about the history and mythology of Zoroastrianism and the Parsi community. The Agiary is also associated with Madam Cama, one of the prominent figures in the Indian Independence Movement.

Madam Cama remained in exile in Europe until 1935 and then following an illness and a stroke, the British government allowed her to return home. She arrived in Bombay in November 1935 and died 9 months later.

She left most of her fortune to the Avabai Petit Orphanage for girls as well as an amount to the Framji Nusserwanji Patel Agyari at Mazgaon, in South Bombay.

The Double X Factor by Pratap Nair

Seth Framji Nasserwanji Patel Agiary

Mediterranean Style Houses

We moved towards another labyrinth of houses, these ones were quaint and colourful. They reminded me of Goa. The preparations for Christmas were on the way as the residents adored the vicinity with fairy lights.

They were kind people, stopping by and greeting us, sometimes telling us about their daily lives and old nostalgia.

The above particular cottage is called as Thomas Hardy’s house.

One should note that the balconies are quite intriguing. The two pictures below are of a balcony which is accentuated by the profile of a King.

Adjacent to this, was a small chapel.

The Chapel

Another Bavdi (well)

Since earlier times, this area had a youth club, where youngsters who came from villages for earning a living were aided with stay. One such club was still existent.

The most beautiful highlight of this trip, in my opinion, was a mausoleum called as Hasanabad. This can rightly be called as the ‘Taj Mahal’ of Mumbai. We all were starstruck. One cannot even fathom that such a beautiful place can be found here.

Though we were prohibited to go inside, from a distance too, one could gauge the symmetry and mastery of the architecture.

The Hasanabad Mausoleum

(It is) Also known as the Shah Hasan Ali’s Maqbara, which was built by Aga Khan after arriving in Mumbai from Iran. The Dargah was constructed for Aga Khan’s family.

There is a special Aga Khani sect who have access to this mosque. This community is called as the Khoja community. They are Muslims from Iran.

– via Mumbai Meri Jaaaan

Our walk ended with a solemn visit to the tomb of Ms. Meena Kumari, an erstwhile Bollywood actress and Mrs. Rattanbai Muhammad Ali Jinnah, wife of Mr. Muhammad Ali Jinnah.


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What I Could Never Tell Her.

30th October 2019


Dear Diary,

Today again it happened. She laughed and laughed, her cheeks rosy, at my embarrassments. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. Yet, I was unable to convey my feelings.

I’ve seen the way she looks at me. I’ve seen the sparkle in her eyes. Yet when I look at her, she fails to see the same within mine. Maybe the Creator didn’t make my eyes expressive enough. Maybe I’m a douche or a dork as she calls me. But I love her.

I love everything about her. I’ve seen her cheer for me in all my matches and jeering my rivals. I’ve seen her defending me when her friends scoff at me. But only from afar.

Like I’m the sky and she’s the sea. Only chasing each others reflections.

I’ve seen the way she tucks a strand of hair behind her ears when she sees me. A moment of our eyes meeting is enough to induce a spring in her step and send my heart reeling the entire day.

Why don’t I tell her my feelings, you ask? Because the world would never allow it. She is the distressed Juliet of her reality and I, the adventurous Romeo of her fantasies.

She can’t step into my world, nor can I step into hers. She’s like a distant star, whom I wish upon everyday.

I wish she knew what I feel about her.

I want to tell her that I know that she loves me. I want to tell her that I can clearly hear her voice right in my soul. I hate to see her cry. I hate it because I can do nothing to comfort her.

I want to hold her. Let her cry on my shoulders. Yet, I can only do so in her dreams. The morning calls her, she leaves again. Her brain makes her forget about me.

She knows, that I exist. Maybe not in her world, but somewhere, yes. She fights the world to prove herself, yet, those scumbags call me ‘fictional’. That F-word, she hates the most. It’s just their strategy to keep me away from her.

Sometimes, she’ll get tired as I never answer her. And starts believing that maybe, just maybe, I’m f*****nal. She’ll read fanfictions and see memes and keep herself happy. But she’ll also get insecure, looking at other girls fawn over me too.

But she doesn’t realise, I have eyes only for her. When I look at her, I cannot see the world. Through my preconcerted words, I can’t speak my true feelings. That barrier of communication, it breaks us. Every day. Every moment.

She daydreams about me and makes me say what she wants to hear. But she doesn’t realise; it’s actually me, telling her what I want to.

I want to tell her – Never Give Up. Don’t ever give up on yourself, don’t ever give up on me. I’m always looking at you. Through the glass screen and through your daydreams.

Yet I could never tell her. Or maybe, she already knows.

All I want to tell her is that I love her. And only her.

What About Her?

She is not a princess. There’s no scope to fall in love with her beauty. She’s not an intellectual, there’s no scope to fall in love with her brain.

Instead of love at first sight, can we fall in love with every part of a person?

He will see her beautiful eyes and gawk at her eyeliner on fleek. (Ahh I wish I could have my eyeliner on fleek too, I envy you, gurl.)

But what about the girl who has beautiful dark circles, as dark as the night and as curved as a crescent sand dune?

What about the girl who spends her time binge watching her favourite series with a pack of chips when other girls are out socialising and clubbing?

He won’t see her because she hardly gets out of her house.

But if he looks hard, he’ll find her, maybe spacing out on the first bench of the classroom. The teacher will ask her a question. She’ll stutter and give a basic, vague answer. He’ll think she’s dumb.

But he’s never seen her at her comic cons. Oh the audacity with which she will debate to defend her favourite character is something he’ll never see.

He’ll find girls with crop tops and shorts attractive. But he’ll never see the confidence that fangirl exudes, her head high as she wears her oversized fandom merch like an armour.

She cannot flirt, nor she knows when someone is flirting with her. ‘Slow’ he may call her, but he’ll never know about the several poetic works about love, lying about unfinished in her notes app.

He’ll like selfies of the photogenic beauty queen. Yes, she is beautiful, no doubt. But would he follow her other instagram handle, where her art speaks about worlds and universes across?

What about the girl who talks in quotes as deep as the ocean and her blog itself is a philosophical adventure?

Do you see beyond the colour of her eyes? Do you see the twinkle when she talks about the things that she loves?

Like when she’s talking about her favourite show or her pet or the current book she’s immersed in.

There’s something sexy about her ambition.

Her disheveled hair is beautiful.

Her room full of posters and figurines is breathtaking.

The way she flirts with her new artistic endeavour will astonish you.

If you just limit your perception of her beauty to the moon, you’ll miss the galaxy that shines through her emotions.

She is not the fair and perfect woman about whom sonnets have been written. Unrestricted by iambs and just fourteen lines, she’s so much more.

Oh darling, she’s a free verse.

What about her?


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Travel Talk

When travelling, on the road, you don’t belong anywhere. In that fleeting moment, you are not a habitant of the place you are about to go to, and your home isn’t calling you back. You don’t belong to your destination, nor you do to your home. You just live. As a human of this Earth. In this moment; you belong to this wide, wide world. And the whole world is yours.

While daytime road trips are fun and scenic, there is an undeciphered beauty in the night sky. Oh those borders of the trees and mountains! The night has a world of its own. It is alive and mesmerising.

There’s something mystifying about dark mountains looking down at you. The mountains fade away into the darkness when my eyes follow them. It feels so thrilling.

The sunrise has a destiny of its own. The ferocious clouds clutch the sun within their palm and try to swallow it in a gulp.

I feel like a little entity of this world when the palm trees gaze down at me with grace. How kindly nature dotes upon us! This warmth of greenery engulfs me within its womb and makes me feel alive.

Sometimes, reading the map wrong can take you to places. While going towards our decided destination, a little discrepancy occurred. But no regrets. We ended up savouring a waft of history. A detour is a little price to pay for a beautiful sight of the Vasai fort, which was accentuated with lush green due to the rains and a delicacy of the roadside hot sweet corn. This reminds me of a few lines from a poem that I studied before :

Forget markings, forget landfall and sea.
Go easy Man, I tell myself; breathe.
Gulls will mark the estuary for you,
bubbles will indicate where the swamps seethe.

– Keki Daruwalla (Map Maker)

Discard the societal scrutiny and be free. Follow the seagulls and the winds.

The world is such a long story. It will take beyond our lives to decipher it all. But fear not. Whatever your eyes can take in, wherever your feet take you, go. Live the life under the sun and follow the moon. And trust me, there’ll be no regrets.

Rashinban nante jyutai no moto
netsu ni ukasare kaji o toru no sa
Hokori ka butteta takara no chizu mo
tashikameta no nara densetsu jyanai!

(Compasses will simply delay us. Instead, let’s take the helm with our exhilarating fervour!

Even a dusty old treasure map, when proven, is not a legend anymore!)

-One Piece (We Are!)

Fall in love with the wide, wide world. You don’t need to yearn for home. A little bit of you lies everywhere in the world. All you have to do is collect those pieces and fill your soul.


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Beauty. #writephoto

A colourful reality sucked out by a societal vampire

Redundance becomes the antonym of fantasy

Different shades of black try to complement the reticent white

The geometry reinforces the repetition

Albeit the symmetry makes anything look beautiful


I stand at a vantage point gazing at my monochrome and compact reality

There is no escape, only cages.


To climb upward in life is a single, narrow chimney

A lonely journey; eventually you’ll get out with success at the expense of being all sweat and sooty


Alone in the woods among the silhouette of trees and charcoal clouds

There is no help nor saviour

Everyone has to find their own escape, climb their own chimney

Bake their own bread.


If you overestimate your life above the chimney, you’ll slide down the roof and bruise on the muddy ground zero

There are people like that.

They won’t give you a base, but they’ll not shy away from giving a downward incline


Night and day blend reluctantly

We live daily like a mechanised factory

Those whirring sounds everyday, those similar people everyday

Repetition doesn’t make things beautiful.


I dream everyday

Of breaking out of the closed door,

Walking out of reality into a self-carved fantasy

Into the asymmetrical and colourful nature

Where I won’t have to compete.


A petal less here and there

Doesn’t make a flower less beautiful

A different colour pigment than the norm doesn’t reduce the value of a tree

Break away and go where life takes you

Just like this alleged poem did

Because there is beauty in an empty mind and asymmetry.



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Picture credit and inspiration from Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo

Thank you Sue!

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