Musing Over Movie, Art and Music

The other day, I watched Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara. That movie is a treat for wanderlusters and adventure-lovers. What a pang in the heart, watching it in such uncertain times. In these times, when I don’t even have the courage to promise myself that I’ll travel the whole world one day. But then it makes […]

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When the Sun Hits Differently

It has been almost two months since I’ve been sitting at home. People from our family go after every few days to buy essentials. Today, after a long time the gates of our housing society were open for some time to enable people buy necessities. We’re living in times of uncertainty. No one knows how […]

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Empty Spaces

All I wanted to do was travel the world. Now I just look at the birds outside from my caged window. On one day, I mope about the situation and the other one is full of TV shows. There’s nothing in between. I come back to my room defeated because I spent another day enslaved […]

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Around the World in Mazgaon

16th February, 2020 Sunday Mazgaon, Mumbai, India I’m back in Mazgaon! This time it’s the Joseph Baptista Garden, a very cute and spacious hill park which overlooks the Dockyard area. This garden has a play area for children and a variety of flowers. And the most interesting of all, it has models of the Seven […]

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7 December ’19 Saturday Mazgaon, Mumbai, India. * More than 19 years in this city, yet, there is a reality waiting to be explored. Mazgaon is an enigma. It resides in the heart of Mumbai, yet, you’ll never know the story that it hides. It was one of the most cosmopolitan area of Mumbai. People […]

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What I Could Never Tell Her.

30th October 2019 Wednesday Dear Diary, Today again it happened. She laughed and laughed, her cheeks rosy, at my embarrassments. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. Yet, I was unable to convey my feelings. I’ve seen the way she looks at me. I’ve seen the sparkle in her eyes. Yet when I look at […]

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What About Her?

She is not a princess. There’s no scope to fall in love with her beauty. She’s not an intellectual, there’s no scope to fall in love with her brain. Instead of love at first sight, can we fall in love with every part of a person? He will see her beautiful eyes and gawk at […]

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