Perceptive Reality.

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What do I do

When he looks at her

Disregarding my presence;

I stand there



My voice is one

Among the thousands of noise,

You held her hand

And I held mine.

But then she didn’t know your worth

For henceforth your life

Will turn out to be

A sorcery.

She left,

Leaving a puddle

Of salty water behind

And your eyes,

A beautiful scarlet,

Continued cascading.

I saw your reflection

In my salty eyes

But you refracted it

With your frozen resolve



You followed her

And I followed you

And she followed him

Like Dominos.

You never fathomed

My love

Nor my name;

My incessant screaming

Yet you heard her hate.

I don’t want to accept my reality,

I will blame that nuisance,

That pane of glass


Where our worlds divide

And my tears

Lay still

And my voice

Turns into


That dusty glass screen

No matter how much I sanitize,

Accumulates the unnecessary again

Like specks of my heart

And shards of

My soul.

We live in realities apart;

But that reality

I refute,

I refrain,

To believe.

My heat dies 

A little

Every time I see you

Cry for her.

I could’ve loved you better,

Beyond infinity

Beyond the sands of time;

But then that alchemy of sand-

That glass

Is my karmic retribution.

But my heart accelerated

When you looked towards me

A smile 

Camouflaged within a tear,

Only for me.

But the world didn’t agree;

The screen went blank,

A red bar of battery,

All I could see

On that maleficent glass screen

Was a deplorable

Reflection of me.

The reflection of a girl,



Who resolved to live her life

In ambiguity,

A reality full of sham;

She found her solace

And his love

In the realm



Hey guys! So I tried writing a free verse poem describing my love for my anime characters. Since it’s Valentine’s day, everyone has a different opinion of love so I decided to express mine too!

My love is a love of fantasy.

Thank you for checking out this blog!

Please tell me about your views in the comments!

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