Gazing Into the Memory of a Lens.

(Image Source : Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo)

     Opaque foam floats over the ocean-like sky, admonishing gravity. My eyes deceive me as the sun opposes the heavens. Hiding behind the mirage infested water, this celestial rebel admires its refraction; a superimposition on the realm of the sky. As time races across the dainty wall clock, I burn the image into my eyes for future reference. The waves up north traverse between different worlds with a lack of motivation. They blindly follow the beacon of the wind and move ahead.

     The sun peers in a stoic manner whilst reciting incantations worthy of alchemy. The divinity of the Midas touch emerges. The sand timer clogs and with the click of an onomatopoeia; eternity freezes.

The above is a response to Sue Vincent’s photo prompt for #writephoto on the Daily Echo.

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Author: yuktahathiramani1000

Inspiration is my frenemy. Sometimes it's besides me. Sometimes it betrays. But nonetheless we go on with the passion for the love of literary art.

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