At that moment, my mind was a blank. I twiddled my thumbs and waited. No response. Was I so devoid of expressionism? Was it the fault of the upcoming exams?


My brain was reluctant. I made a move to act, but pulled back. Nothing but blankness stared at me. A blue light kept flickering, imposing on my iris. The more I looked at it, the more guilt I felt. It was instigating me to think.


I left the arena, my cowardice undeserving of a title. But my consciousness pricked me.


I went back. I scratched my head and thought of a quote but my mind echoed the regarding flaws. I held my tongue.


Everything was a blank.


I scoffed and shut out my mind and picked up such a pace that now, you can read this.


Yes, I had a writer’s block.


Thank you for checking out this blog! I hope you can relate to this post. Every writer’s dilemma. Do comment your views!

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Author: yuktahathiramani1000

Inspiration is my frenemy. Sometimes it's besides me. Sometimes it betrays. But nonetheless we go on with the passion for the love of literary art.

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