Excerpts From My Diary : Day 5

Day 5

17th May ’18

5:51 A.M

I really wanted to see the sunrise. However, we have a view of the west from my balcony so I can see the sunset from here. Nonetheless, I don’t regret waking up early. I feel fresh. And alive. The air is cold and the only sound is that of the different species of birds. I can’t even identify them. To my right, all I can see is massive mountains. There is civilization to the left but that doesn’t concern me. Here, all alone in my balcony, I take a panoramic view of the scenery. The mountain before me is broad. Yellow-green, mantis, dark green; every shade of green can be seen. All of them are growing just fine, in a naturalistic symmetry. It sometimes looks like an architect has deliberately undertaken this job. But on second thought, nature itself is the best designer. The shadow of the sun falls on the upper half of the mountain, darkening the lower one. I wonder how would it be to leave nature in her original state, because the trees right below my hotel – they feel like they belong to a much, much more bigger part of this puzzle of nature. Following the green mountain, lies a sandy mountain. Is it sandy? Or is that the leaves shining like gold? I would never know. The mountains are not completely flat, nor do they have a peak. It seems like several more such mountainous habitats originate by jutting out from the parent mountain. And the mountain is like a wave. The sky is pristine but is created out of several hues of blue. A flock or two fly across. Looking at this makes me feel exhilarated. These are places that make you feel like you are alive. That blood is pumping in your veins. That your heart is beating. I live for these moments. Yesterday, I was so shook. And I said, no words can express the true beauty; only the teary awe can. Even though there are several birds speaking at once, it doesn’t feel like ‘noise’ at all. It feels like a co-ordinated orchestra, where each bird sings in his/her tempo and tune, to compose the music of nature. As the sun takes its position, the silhouette becomes more and more pronounced and another mountain is created, in the shadow of the parent one.

To be honest, as someone who loves writing, this is my inspiration. Nature is so unpredictable and there is beauty in that unpredictability. And that’s why it never gets stagnant. There is detail in every little thing, and it makes me feel so good spiritually and physically. I feel like I’ve discovered something that I never had before.

I see a monkey moving and jumping across trees before me. He starts coming towards my building and I run inside. I could sit there all day and write a lot more but sadly my words and time are limited.

I would just like to quote the song ‘Still Alive’ from the anime ‘Yuri!!!On Ice’ to mention my feelings :

Every day I sing the brotherhood of man,
How grateful it is, we’re still alive.
I can feel my soul singing as a bird.
Wherever I go, God stays with me.

Yuri!!!On Ice, Still Alive

The View From My Balcony

10:05 A.M

We leave for sightseeing and by 11:51 a.m. we almost reach Kufri. The road was very picturesque, but the scene was already very similar to Shimla. Many mountains and Pine trees juxtaposed with human cruelty. The cold air hit my face and with each breath, I felt reborn. Towards Kufri, one could see the entire Valley as Kufri is at a high level. Several yaks and colourful market stretches could be seen on the way. We reached Kufri at noon.

Towards Kufri

*We were informed that we could only go to the peak by the means of a horse. However, as I am really scared of them, I took the long route and walked up the dirt path, along with my dad, surrounded by all the other people who rode the horse. Though the path was very dusty, reaching the top was an achievement. It was not very high, just 3 km but as I have a very less amount of stamina, (I suck at P.E and all sports) I was huffing and puffing at the end.

After reaching, there was a big market which sold shawls and earmuffs mostly. We went around the market for sometime, clicked pictures in the traditional garb of Himachal Pradesh and went back down. While getting down the hill, it was a breathtaking view.

Later, we went to the Jakhoo temple, which was on the highest peak of the city. We had to hire a small car to take us till the peak. There were many monkeys hanging around. It was a beautiful temple and there was a really really tall Hanuman statue there.

After that, we went to the Mall Road. After climbing up 3 km and again a bit at the temple, the Mall Road again was uphill. (MY LEGSS T_T) But it was really beautiful with several shops selling keychains, shawls, caps and fun stuff. We could also see the Hanuman statue from there. There was a library and a Church too. The Church appears in several Bollywood movies. We walked around for sometime.

The Library And Church At Mall Road

The Evening View At Mall Road

It was a very tiring day for everyone. But that didn’t stop us from our usual talks in the lobby and night stroll. It is our last night in Shimla. I love this place. Tomorrow, after the final packing, we’ll leave for Manali via Kullu.


Thank you for checking out this blog!

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