Fantastical Escapism.

What is it about fantasy that makes it so enticing to us?

It’s majorly escapism. And in this day and age; in a world full of expectations and dilemma, escapism is a virtue.

Virtue – not in the sense of displaying morality, but as a habitual self rule. A rule to help oneself keep an arms distance away from this vice called reality. Reality is self detrimental. The more you indulge in it, the more it pulls you down.

It is a paradox. In reality, people expect you to be down to earth. But fantasy helps you reach the sky and beyond. Does it really matter what people say? It is your world. No one has the right to judge you. Fantasy is a world of your own standards.

A world of fantasy is often ridiculed by many as ‘delusion’. A world of warm colours and frolic which cowards escape too. Well, the initial part might be true, but the latter isn’t. Fantasy is basically wishful thinking. And don’t we all do that? I mean how many times in a day do our sentences begin with

“I wish…” ?

We all do this, regardless of we are cowards or not. A world of colours is an incentive for anyone and everyone.

For me, almost 90% of my life is spent in a fantastical world. The 10% of it is just like a formality because I am a human being.

How is it like to live in a fantasy?

First, you need to create that kind of world for yourself. Reality is monotonous. The daily routine of work or school is just like an automated well oiled machine. There’s nothing we can do about it. But in that monochromatic reality, you can create your own little world of rainbows.

Question things. But not in an intellectual way. Think about possibilities that cannot even exist. As long as anyone can prove them otherwise, no one has the right to refute them. When you see a cloud passing overhead, don’t just scoff at it. What if there’s an island in the sky?

I know this is purely wishful, but doesn’t it give you a moments smile rather than just disregarding it completely and getting back to reality?

Look at the horizon, what if there is a magical kingdom which exists where the sea actually meets the sky?

What if the moon is actually one retina of a supreme entity watching over us and the other eye lies dormant in another part of the universe?

You never know. It just riles up your brain. I love juxtaposing fantasy in this world. And after so many years, it has just become a part of my psyche. I can’t even sift reality and fantasy apart. For many, this might be immaturity, but for me, it is escapism. It is my virtue, which follows me like a vice. And ironically, I cannot escape from it.


Fantasy is just a mechanism to deal with the stress of reality. But to many, many of us, it actually is our life. For the young generation, especially for the ones that intertwine themselves in fandoms, fantasy is something they develop innately. And then comes in concepts of alternate reality. It’s just another term for fantasy. We just believe that our world of fantasy actually exists in a different dimension. And this thought keeps us going. It keeps us happy.

Fantasy keeps that sparkle and child-like innocence alive. And those are very important. No matter how difficult life is, keep spark of curiosity alive. Keep believing, keep dreaming. Somewhere, out there, your wonderland exists. And while you walk on that path, leave a trail of fantastical hues for others to smile about.


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Size of the Moon

(Image source – Google)

Konya no tsuki wa naze ka hitomawari ookikute?

Itsumo yori akaroku terasu…

(Why is the moon tonight larger than usual?

It emits an unusually bright light..)

-Naruto Shippuden Opening 14 Tsuki no Ookisa (Size of the Moon)

     So today, we could see the Super Blue Blood Moon from several countries including mine. Why does it have such a humongous name? It is a very rare phenomenon. There are three celestial events occurring at once.

1. A supermoon

2. A lunar eclipse (Blood moon)

3. A blue moon (Two full moons in a month)

     So basically this is a bumper gift for those who are fans and followers of the gravity defying space.

     Without getting much into the technical details, I would just like to speak about my experience of seeing this moon.

     So yesterday, my dad told me about it. I’ve been living under the knowledge of my messenger app for eternity, but my app failed to inform me about it. And if it is not on a message, it doesn’t exist for me. This ignorance was not blissful at all. Thanks to the people around me, I got acquainted with this fact. 

      I researched this phenomenon on all the websites on the first page of Google. And boy I was flabbergasted. The images were so beautiful. I couldn’t wait for the evening to arrive.

     Since yesterday, I’ve been posting statuses regarding the red moon that appears in the anime Naruto and comparing it with this rare phenomenon. For an otaku, any chance to link reality with anime is golden.

(Image Source – Naruto)

(Image Source – Pinterest)

     There is no doubt that all day I had this on my mind and as dusk arrived, I used the elevator and launched outside. I walked around my society in anticipation. I couldn’t see it. My heart sunk. I returned home.

     My heart was restless. I looked out from every window in my house innumerable times. But the satellite just kept evading me. I feared that I missed the occurrence. Dejected, I just posed a generic question on my family group, (with relatives around the world) “Did anyone see the moon today?”

     My aunt in America replied in the affirmative. I expressed my woes. Then, another aunt of mine, in America too, encouraged me to wait for some time. She sent me the exact timings of the view in my country and hope rekindled.

     I ran downstairs again. As I exited my building, I saw a lady with a child, pointing her index finger to the sky. She told her child to see the moon. I ran to her and looked where she was pointing.

     There it was, the moon in all its glory. There was a shadow casted on the moon. Only a thin line was visible. The lady advised me get a better view from a window facing in the direction of the moon.

     Alas, my house windows didn’t comply. The lady suggested that I go to my neighbour’s place. And that I did.

     I rung the bell and surprised my neighbour when I expressed the desire to see the moon. She gladly let me in. As I was guided to the window in the last room, my heart started beating faster. 

     When I looked at the moon outside the window, it looked so gigantic. The shadow was fading and I could see a crescent. I took several shabby pictures on my phone. How I wish I had a DSLR at such moments. The moon was a perfect 3d sphere. One could confuse it for a planet.

(I couldn’t capture the beauty T_T)

    I stood there, talking to my neighbour about the various experiences of her younger days. Amidst that, I constantly gazed at the moon. The eclipse was waning. I could see almost the entire moon. 

     After several more pictures, I decided that it was time to leave. If I had to see the entire eclipse drawing away, I’d have to wait another hour. I was satisfied with what I could see and left with a smile.

     The song mentioned at the beginning of the post has been playing in my head over and over since yesterday. It hasn’t ceased yet. 

     For everyone, it might be just a simplistic experience, but for me, it means a lot. It is a link to the two worlds. The world of deceptive reality and the world of fantastical reality.

     The phenomenon might have subsided, but in my vision, I have a new story to tell.

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If you could see the phenomenon in your country, leave your experience in the comments! Looking forward to read them!

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The silhouette of my angel is a pristine white,

She flies overhead in an invisibly nimble reality,

Flailing her arms, in the gusts of wind which only I can feel.

Her voice is my impersonation,

Sometimes a soft vibration, 

Sometimes a howl of defiance.

She gazes into the chasm of my unaware eyes,

As I daydream a daily fantasy.

She speaks of authentic naivety,

But then basks in her own limelight of pride and wisdom,

Making a muddle of my grey cells.

Her shadow trails mine into a canvas of silhouettes,

Watching my back in times of peril.

Her motives are indecipherable,

A mere snap of whimsical giggles.

Yet we are connected,

My angel and me;

The voices manifesting in my head.

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The above free verse poem is in response to the Daily Post prompt ‘Silhouette’.

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My Baywatch Chronicles.

The bay is a beauty unexplored. Yes, there are people swarming about. People jogging along the footpath near the bay and couples having a sweet time at the sitting area overlooking the sea. 

Yet it is like an untouched paradise. How many people even listen to what is the sea trying to tell us? The sky has a story to whisper. 

The stones notoriously scatter themselves in the big puddle joining the ocean. The buildings go along with the whims of the sun. White during the day, onyx at night.

The sky and the sea feel like a single entity.

I’m a casual photo enthusiast and my phone camera is just a mere shard of glass against the lighting nature plays. 

The sea is shaded. Amidst the sky-blue hue lies a darker shade. They make incomprehensible patterns. But maybe they have a meaning.

Maybe the sea is the nature’s sand. With her nimble fingers of the wind, she writes the name of her unrequited lover on the sand of the sea. Though the syllables are out of our reach, maybe the hawk can see a hawk eyed view of it. 

And when the setting sun washes away her patterns, she cries.

Geographically, the bay looks like an abnormal robotic hand trying to unsuccessfully hold the water in its palms.

Like silent mermaids the rocks lounge about lavishly.  

The love story of the bay is forever incomplete. Like two lovers who are physically close but impossibly far away. As one end of the bay reaches out to connect the string of fate with the other, the horizon acts as a malicious witch. The two lovers never meet. They just gaze at each other from afar. Day in and night out.

As I walk along the sea, the winds calm down. The sunlight burns my head with Vitamin D. My panoramic eyes scan the entire expanse of the bay in one go. 

I listen to their stories over and over again. 

Yet I incessantly go along with the tide every single time.

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The Fairy Within.

(Image Source : Pinterest)

It’s the festive season and the streets are abound with lights. Shining and flickering, they make their way into our hearts.

I always think about the reason behind this warm and aesthetic feeling we get on seeing them.

What if they are actually a reflection of ourselves? 

These little lights represent the little little hope that we gather everyday. This is the hope that we string together to light up ourselves from within.

And when several such strings come together, they light up the vicinity and the world.

It’s interesting, isn’t it? They too, need a source of power, just like us. For us it could be anyone; family, friends, neighbours or even ourselves. But when the source is weak, we start to flicker. Our brightness dulls out.

But the presence of other lights ensures that there is no darkness. And the hope rekindles again.

Our eyes and spirits glimmer as we savour the enigma of these entities. They create a dreamland, a reality in fantasy, that we constantly seek. They make us feel warm inside.

Like fairies, they leave us spellbound with their spontaneous magic. They have a modern fairy tale to tell. 

Can you feel the beauty?

Merry Christmas everyone!

Thank you for checking out this blog!

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