Stagnation of Perfection.

I will light a fire on an unreachable fang,

So that I won’t have to see that star,

So that I won’t let it tear at my throat.

Since childhood, I’ve always wondered what this quote implies. This anime, Bleach, has been a part of my growing years and has always set an example through its wise words.

Yet the above quote has always been a mystery. It still is. However, through this post, I would at least try to comprehend the surface level of these words.

I will light a fire on an unreachable fang,

Fang : (noun)

•a large sharp tooth, especially a canine tooth of a dog or wolf.

•the tooth of a venomous snake, by which poison is injected

•the biting mouthpart of a spider.

The name of the manga chapter, ‘A Star and a Stray Dog’ totally suggests that we are talking about the ‘fangs of a stray dog’ i.e. the sharp tooth of a stray dog.

The quote probably would be very confusing at the first glimpse. But it has an array if metaphors, which are subjective.

I believe that ‘lighting a fire on the fang’ implies

‘being guided by ones flaws’.

It’s like learning from history. Learning from ones mistakes and setting them up as a beacon to walk further in life. Sharpening oneself. And as you walk further with the burden of your flaws, your fangs sharpen. If you use your fangs, face troubles in life and overcome them, they remain sharp. Otherwise, they dull out.

The word ‘unreachable’ provides another enigma. It means setting up an ideal goal for oneself. And an ideal is something imaginative. Like a mirage. Once you attain an ideal, it seems unsatisfactory and one seeks out for more. It is the pursuit of life. And that’s what keeps us moving.

I will light a fire on an unreachable fang,

> I will believe in an ideal and keep moving on to pursue it. That ideal might be unreachable. But I will sharpen myself through all the experiences I come across in its pursuit. Developing my own senses, I shall run towards that mystic goal that I have set up for myself. And I shall follow the path it illuminates for me.

So that I won’t have to see that star,

I believe that the star is ‘perfection’. It is not an ideal, it is not a goal. It is a set standard, a norm which is so rigid, it never sways. Just like the fixed position of a pole star.

Isn’t it better to live a life where one doesn’t know what is to come rather than just staring at a single path?

>If you run behind your ideals, you will evolve. As you will never be satisfied. But if you just ponder over one path, the path of perfection, you will become stagnant. There are several ways to attain a goal. But perfection just expects one to follow one dictated path, to achieve a decided outcome. There is no novelty, no room for innovation. Just looking at a single light, so bright, so ferocious that it might blind one of their surroundings.

So that I won’t let it tear at my throat.

What is the fate of such people who are reluctant to change? They just follow the path of rectitude and it leads to their downfall. It betrays them. Many people might say

“Why would perfection betray us? Perfection is what is desired by everyone.”

Well if it is so, why isn’t anyone perfect? To which you might say that Person X is perfect in your eyes. Key word : your eyes. Perfection should be accepted by all. It has a universal validity. And hence it is so difficult to achieve. You cannot please everyone. Perfection is a one man show. You need to surpass everyone in order to become the ultimate being.

>And that IS why that path is tedious. You are not following that path for yourself. It is just to attain something approved by society. You refuse to accept anything other than the criteria prescribed to walk on that path. You shrug everyone off because they are a hindrance. Because you can’t deviate. It is a monotonous path. Experience doesn’t matter. As there is a single path which has to be followed without any mercy. And that will destroy you.

I will light a fire on an unreachable fang,

So that I won’t have to see that star,

So that I won’t let it tear at my throat.

>I’d rather set an ideal for myself and be unsatisfied with it. I’ll keep following it and sharpening myself through all the tribulations and different paths I take like a stray dog. I’d rather be imperfect than crane my neck until it hurts to peer at the unchanging light of perfection. Perfection is a single, rigid path. If I just keep that before my eyes, I will stagnate. And eventually, it will tear my throat i.e. it will lead to my downfall. Hence, I’d rather find my purpose on the evolving earth than dream about the unchanging stars.


This is my interpretation but I wonder what Kubo-san, the writer of Bleach has to say about the quote. I’m sure he will delve even deeper into the words.


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The silhouette of my angel is a pristine white,

She flies overhead in an invisibly nimble reality,

Flailing her arms, in the gusts of wind which only I can feel.

Her voice is my impersonation,

Sometimes a soft vibration, 

Sometimes a howl of defiance.

She gazes into the chasm of my unaware eyes,

As I daydream a daily fantasy.

She speaks of authentic naivety,

But then basks in her own limelight of pride and wisdom,

Making a muddle of my grey cells.

Her shadow trails mine into a canvas of silhouettes,

Watching my back in times of peril.

Her motives are indecipherable,

A mere snap of whimsical giggles.

Yet we are connected,

My angel and me;

The voices manifesting in my head.

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The above free verse poem is in response to the Daily Post prompt ‘Silhouette’.

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The Wrath of the Moon.

Walking down a deserted path alone on a winter morning sure is intimidating for me. There are hardly any people. The sky has not awakened from slumber yet. There is a lone half moon, that shines over me.

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When the moon pulls the sea, memories wash over me. The moon has instigated the tide of reminisce. There is something occult about the moon before the twilight of dawn.

As I walk on the footpath, I crane my neck to look at it. The moon follows me like a regret in the deep recesses of my heart. Even though I blink my eyes, the regret never wanes. 

I give up on my fate and keep walking. I steal a look at the sky again. The moon still stares. 

Then I think that maybe its not a manifestation of my regret. Maybe the moon is always watching over me when I don’t know. Maybe it cares.

What if the entire dawning sky is actually an eye, and the moon, its pupil? The pupil contracts and dilates everday. Finally, it gets tired. And the eye closes. The moon disappears. It’s a black night.

So I smile and look at the moon again. I thank it for following me like a shadow above. Yet the moon doesn’t respond. It calmly looks at me in the eye. 

I’m flabbergasted. I can’t discern the gaze of the moon. The lack of knowledge scares me. I try to hide under the canopy of my building. 

I meekly peek again. It looks at me coldly. I run inside and wait until the sun comes out.

But I know, the moon is still looking, hiding within the shadow of the sun.

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This post is dedicated to Uchiha Obito from the anime Naruto, the story for which is written by Masashi Kishimoto sensei.

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My Baywatch Chronicles.

The bay is a beauty unexplored. Yes, there are people swarming about. People jogging along the footpath near the bay and couples having a sweet time at the sitting area overlooking the sea. 

Yet it is like an untouched paradise. How many people even listen to what is the sea trying to tell us? The sky has a story to whisper. 

The stones notoriously scatter themselves in the big puddle joining the ocean. The buildings go along with the whims of the sun. White during the day, onyx at night.

The sky and the sea feel like a single entity.

I’m a casual photo enthusiast and my phone camera is just a mere shard of glass against the lighting nature plays. 

The sea is shaded. Amidst the sky-blue hue lies a darker shade. They make incomprehensible patterns. But maybe they have a meaning.

Maybe the sea is the nature’s sand. With her nimble fingers of the wind, she writes the name of her unrequited lover on the sand of the sea. Though the syllables are out of our reach, maybe the hawk can see a hawk eyed view of it. 

And when the setting sun washes away her patterns, she cries.

Geographically, the bay looks like an abnormal robotic hand trying to unsuccessfully hold the water in its palms.

Like silent mermaids the rocks lounge about lavishly.  

The love story of the bay is forever incomplete. Like two lovers who are physically close but impossibly far away. As one end of the bay reaches out to connect the string of fate with the other, the horizon acts as a malicious witch. The two lovers never meet. They just gaze at each other from afar. Day in and night out.

As I walk along the sea, the winds calm down. The sunlight burns my head with Vitamin D. My panoramic eyes scan the entire expanse of the bay in one go. 

I listen to their stories over and over again. 

Yet I incessantly go along with the tide every single time.

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It’s finally the end of 2017. Everyone has different anticipations. Personally, I’m feeling a sense of nostalgia wash over me. 2017 had not been entirely a good year. There were trying times too. Several beautiful memories as well.

But I feel defeated.

It’s like reaching the end of a snakes and ladders game and being placed again on START at 99. 

I’ll grow one year older. Growing older means more responsibilities. It means that people will start looking up to you. Make an example out of you. It is really a lot of pressure.

It’ll be the same routine. The dice will be thrown again and the game will begin. People will compete again in the rat race.

I have been pondering all day over this deplorable feeling. I feel more tired than excited. As there is less than half an hour left for 2018 to arrive, I try to write down my emotions in words. To freeze this moment of time.

But as they say, time doesn’t wait. It’s notorious. We all have to grow up. I try to be positive. Age is just a number.

Yes, expectations will increase. But we cannot close our eyes and sit with our hands clasped. It won’t change reality. People will keep on walking and the waves will crush the rocks.

Honestly, don’t change yourself just because it’s a new year. One year from today, we are going to be in the same position again. Make new resolutions everyday, change a little every moment. 

As hearts await the new year 2018, I clench hope in my palm. Or rather, I’m preparing myself to cast the number SIX on my dice to begin my game.

It might be a restart but it’s not game over yet.

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Wishing everyone a happy and prosperous new year 2018!

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The Paralysis of Coziness.

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As an anti social being, the most coziest place is undoubtedly the bed I sit on all day, reclining in a position which sickens my spine and bloats my stomach. 

But it’s cozy. Not for my family but for me it is. As I type this out, I’m in the exact position spoken about. This is like sitting under the waterfall of knowledge. The ideas flow. At the cost of cholesterol.

Having this new anime opening on loop helps a lot. Being at peace with your external environment and yourself is the most comforting thing ever. And that is only possible if you are at home. Stepping outside is another reality, another dimension, a labyrinth. 

There are people who will judge you, try to bring you down. But on your cozy bed, you can have your guard down all the time. If it gets a little colder, I just take a blanket and coffee and let the combination warm me. 

Put on the laptop/tablet/phone and run an anime marathon. In fact, if you are within the garb of the blanket, you can perform an impromptu jig with the anime opening and no one would know.

And when I’m in a more serious mode, whilst I decide that I HAVE to complete a certain amount of episodes, I tie my hair up in a bun. 

I’m ready for all the subtitles you throw at me.

The coziest place is abound with the most beautiful and traumatizing memories. Because if it is a place where you shared a belly laugh with your favourite characters, then it is also a place where you broke your heart over them.

All I want to say is that when I step out of my house, the yearning for that comfort makes me want to survive no matter how hard life is. And I’ll return for it.

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This was for the Daily Post promt, ‘Cozy’.

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The Fairy Within.

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It’s the festive season and the streets are abound with lights. Shining and flickering, they make their way into our hearts.

I always think about the reason behind this warm and aesthetic feeling we get on seeing them.

What if they are actually a reflection of ourselves? 

These little lights represent the little little hope that we gather everyday. This is the hope that we string together to light up ourselves from within.

And when several such strings come together, they light up the vicinity and the world.

It’s interesting, isn’t it? They too, need a source of power, just like us. For us it could be anyone; family, friends, neighbours or even ourselves. But when the source is weak, we start to flicker. Our brightness dulls out.

But the presence of other lights ensures that there is no darkness. And the hope rekindles again.

Our eyes and spirits glimmer as we savour the enigma of these entities. They create a dreamland, a reality in fantasy, that we constantly seek. They make us feel warm inside.

Like fairies, they leave us spellbound with their spontaneous magic. They have a modern fairy tale to tell. 

Can you feel the beauty?

Merry Christmas everyone!

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