Stagnation of Perfection.

I will light a fire on an unreachable fang,

So that I won’t have to see that star,

So that I won’t let it tear at my throat.

Since childhood, I’ve always wondered what this quote implies. This anime, Bleach, has been a part of my growing years and has always set an example through its wise words.

Yet the above quote has always been a mystery. It still is. However, through this post, I would at least try to comprehend the surface level of these words.

I will light a fire on an unreachable fang,

Fang : (noun)

•a large sharp tooth, especially a canine tooth of a dog or wolf.

•the tooth of a venomous snake, by which poison is injected

•the biting mouthpart of a spider.

The name of the manga chapter, ‘A Star and a Stray Dog’ totally suggests that we are talking about the ‘fangs of a stray dog’ i.e. the sharp tooth of a stray dog.

The quote probably would be very confusing at the first glimpse. But it has an array if metaphors, which are subjective.

I believe that ‘lighting a fire on the fang’ implies

‘being guided by ones flaws’.

It’s like learning from history. Learning from ones mistakes and setting them up as a beacon to walk further in life. Sharpening oneself. And as you walk further with the burden of your flaws, your fangs sharpen. If you use your fangs, face troubles in life and overcome them, they remain sharp. Otherwise, they dull out.

The word ‘unreachable’ provides another enigma. It means setting up an ideal goal for oneself. And an ideal is something imaginative. Like a mirage. Once you attain an ideal, it seems unsatisfactory and one seeks out for more. It is the pursuit of life. And that’s what keeps us moving.

I will light a fire on an unreachable fang,

> I will believe in an ideal and keep moving on to pursue it. That ideal might be unreachable. But I will sharpen myself through all the experiences I come across in its pursuit. Developing my own senses, I shall run towards that mystic goal that I have set up for myself. And I shall follow the path it illuminates for me.

So that I won’t have to see that star,

I believe that the star is ‘perfection’. It is not an ideal, it is not a goal. It is a set standard, a norm which is so rigid, it never sways. Just like the fixed position of a pole star.

Isn’t it better to live a life where one doesn’t know what is to come rather than just staring at a single path?

>If you run behind your ideals, you will evolve. As you will never be satisfied. But if you just ponder over one path, the path of perfection, you will become stagnant. There are several ways to attain a goal. But perfection just expects one to follow one dictated path, to achieve a decided outcome. There is no novelty, no room for innovation. Just looking at a single light, so bright, so ferocious that it might blind one of their surroundings.

So that I won’t let it tear at my throat.

What is the fate of such people who are reluctant to change? They just follow the path of rectitude and it leads to their downfall. It betrays them. Many people might say

“Why would perfection betray us? Perfection is what is desired by everyone.”

Well if it is so, why isn’t anyone perfect? To which you might say that Person X is perfect in your eyes. Key word : your eyes. Perfection should be accepted by all. It has a universal validity. And hence it is so difficult to achieve. You cannot please everyone. Perfection is a one man show. You need to surpass everyone in order to become the ultimate being.

>And that IS why that path is tedious. You are not following that path for yourself. It is just to attain something approved by society. You refuse to accept anything other than the criteria prescribed to walk on that path. You shrug everyone off because they are a hindrance. Because you can’t deviate. It is a monotonous path. Experience doesn’t matter. As there is a single path which has to be followed without any mercy. And that will destroy you.

I will light a fire on an unreachable fang,

So that I won’t have to see that star,

So that I won’t let it tear at my throat.

>I’d rather set an ideal for myself and be unsatisfied with it. I’ll keep following it and sharpening myself through all the tribulations and different paths I take like a stray dog. I’d rather be imperfect than crane my neck until it hurts to peer at the unchanging light of perfection. Perfection is a single, rigid path. If I just keep that before my eyes, I will stagnate. And eventually, it will tear my throat i.e. it will lead to my downfall. Hence, I’d rather find my purpose on the evolving earth than dream about the unchanging stars.


This is my interpretation but I wonder what Kubo-san, the writer of Bleach has to say about the quote. I’m sure he will delve even deeper into the words.


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Perceptive Reality.

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What do I do

When he looks at her

Disregarding my presence;

I stand there



My voice is one

Among the thousands of noise,

You held her hand

And I held mine.

But then she didn’t know your worth

For henceforth your life

Will turn out to be

A sorcery.

She left,

Leaving a puddle

Of salty water behind

And your eyes,

A beautiful scarlet,

Continued cascading.

I saw your reflection

In my salty eyes

But you refracted it

With your frozen resolve



You followed her

And I followed you

And she followed him

Like Dominos.

You never fathomed

My love

Nor my name;

My incessant screaming

Yet you heard her hate.

I don’t want to accept my reality,

I will blame that nuisance,

That pane of glass


Where our worlds divide

And my tears

Lay still

And my voice

Turns into


That dusty glass screen

No matter how much I sanitize,

Accumulates the unnecessary again

Like specks of my heart

And shards of

My soul.

We live in realities apart;

But that reality

I refute,

I refrain,

To believe.

My heat dies 

A little

Every time I see you

Cry for her.

I could’ve loved you better,

Beyond infinity

Beyond the sands of time;

But then that alchemy of sand-

That glass

Is my karmic retribution.

But my heart accelerated

When you looked towards me

A smile 

Camouflaged within a tear,

Only for me.

But the world didn’t agree;

The screen went blank,

A red bar of battery,

All I could see

On that maleficent glass screen

Was a deplorable

Reflection of me.

The reflection of a girl,



Who resolved to live her life

In ambiguity,

A reality full of sham;

She found her solace

And his love

In the realm



Hey guys! So I tried writing a free verse poem describing my love for my anime characters. Since it’s Valentine’s day, everyone has a different opinion of love so I decided to express mine too!

My love is a love of fantasy.

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Please tell me about your views in the comments!

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Size of the Moon

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Konya no tsuki wa naze ka hitomawari ookikute?

Itsumo yori akaroku terasu…

(Why is the moon tonight larger than usual?

It emits an unusually bright light..)

-Naruto Shippuden Opening 14 Tsuki no Ookisa (Size of the Moon)

     So today, we could see the Super Blue Blood Moon from several countries including mine. Why does it have such a humongous name? It is a very rare phenomenon. There are three celestial events occurring at once.

1. A supermoon

2. A lunar eclipse (Blood moon)

3. A blue moon (Two full moons in a month)

     So basically this is a bumper gift for those who are fans and followers of the gravity defying space.

     Without getting much into the technical details, I would just like to speak about my experience of seeing this moon.

     So yesterday, my dad told me about it. I’ve been living under the knowledge of my messenger app for eternity, but my app failed to inform me about it. And if it is not on a message, it doesn’t exist for me. This ignorance was not blissful at all. Thanks to the people around me, I got acquainted with this fact. 

      I researched this phenomenon on all the websites on the first page of Google. And boy I was flabbergasted. The images were so beautiful. I couldn’t wait for the evening to arrive.

     Since yesterday, I’ve been posting statuses regarding the red moon that appears in the anime Naruto and comparing it with this rare phenomenon. For an otaku, any chance to link reality with anime is golden.

(Image Source – Naruto)

(Image Source – Pinterest)

     There is no doubt that all day I had this on my mind and as dusk arrived, I used the elevator and launched outside. I walked around my society in anticipation. I couldn’t see it. My heart sunk. I returned home.

     My heart was restless. I looked out from every window in my house innumerable times. But the satellite just kept evading me. I feared that I missed the occurrence. Dejected, I just posed a generic question on my family group, (with relatives around the world) “Did anyone see the moon today?”

     My aunt in America replied in the affirmative. I expressed my woes. Then, another aunt of mine, in America too, encouraged me to wait for some time. She sent me the exact timings of the view in my country and hope rekindled.

     I ran downstairs again. As I exited my building, I saw a lady with a child, pointing her index finger to the sky. She told her child to see the moon. I ran to her and looked where she was pointing.

     There it was, the moon in all its glory. There was a shadow casted on the moon. Only a thin line was visible. The lady advised me get a better view from a window facing in the direction of the moon.

     Alas, my house windows didn’t comply. The lady suggested that I go to my neighbour’s place. And that I did.

     I rung the bell and surprised my neighbour when I expressed the desire to see the moon. She gladly let me in. As I was guided to the window in the last room, my heart started beating faster. 

     When I looked at the moon outside the window, it looked so gigantic. The shadow was fading and I could see a crescent. I took several shabby pictures on my phone. How I wish I had a DSLR at such moments. The moon was a perfect 3d sphere. One could confuse it for a planet.

(I couldn’t capture the beauty T_T)

    I stood there, talking to my neighbour about the various experiences of her younger days. Amidst that, I constantly gazed at the moon. The eclipse was waning. I could see almost the entire moon. 

     After several more pictures, I decided that it was time to leave. If I had to see the entire eclipse drawing away, I’d have to wait another hour. I was satisfied with what I could see and left with a smile.

     The song mentioned at the beginning of the post has been playing in my head over and over since yesterday. It hasn’t ceased yet. 

     For everyone, it might be just a simplistic experience, but for me, it means a lot. It is a link to the two worlds. The world of deceptive reality and the world of fantastical reality.

     The phenomenon might have subsided, but in my vision, I have a new story to tell.

Thank you for checking out this blog!

If you could see the phenomenon in your country, leave your experience in the comments! Looking forward to read them!

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The Wrath of the Moon.

Walking down a deserted path alone on a winter morning sure is intimidating for me. There are hardly any people. The sky has not awakened from slumber yet. There is a lone half moon, that shines over me.

(Image Source : Pinterest)

When the moon pulls the sea, memories wash over me. The moon has instigated the tide of reminisce. There is something occult about the moon before the twilight of dawn.

As I walk on the footpath, I crane my neck to look at it. The moon follows me like a regret in the deep recesses of my heart. Even though I blink my eyes, the regret never wanes. 

I give up on my fate and keep walking. I steal a look at the sky again. The moon still stares. 

Then I think that maybe its not a manifestation of my regret. Maybe the moon is always watching over me when I don’t know. Maybe it cares.

What if the entire dawning sky is actually an eye, and the moon, its pupil? The pupil contracts and dilates everday. Finally, it gets tired. And the eye closes. The moon disappears. It’s a black night.

So I smile and look at the moon again. I thank it for following me like a shadow above. Yet the moon doesn’t respond. It calmly looks at me in the eye. 

I’m flabbergasted. I can’t discern the gaze of the moon. The lack of knowledge scares me. I try to hide under the canopy of my building. 

I meekly peek again. It looks at me coldly. I run inside and wait until the sun comes out.

But I know, the moon is still looking, hiding within the shadow of the sun.

(Image Source : Pinterest)

This post is dedicated to Uchiha Obito from the anime Naruto, the story for which is written by Masashi Kishimoto sensei.

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The Paralysis of Coziness.

(Image source : Pinterest)

As an anti social being, the most coziest place is undoubtedly the bed I sit on all day, reclining in a position which sickens my spine and bloats my stomach. 

But it’s cozy. Not for my family but for me it is. As I type this out, I’m in the exact position spoken about. This is like sitting under the waterfall of knowledge. The ideas flow. At the cost of cholesterol.

Having this new anime opening on loop helps a lot. Being at peace with your external environment and yourself is the most comforting thing ever. And that is only possible if you are at home. Stepping outside is another reality, another dimension, a labyrinth. 

There are people who will judge you, try to bring you down. But on your cozy bed, you can have your guard down all the time. If it gets a little colder, I just take a blanket and coffee and let the combination warm me. 

Put on the laptop/tablet/phone and run an anime marathon. In fact, if you are within the garb of the blanket, you can perform an impromptu jig with the anime opening and no one would know.

And when I’m in a more serious mode, whilst I decide that I HAVE to complete a certain amount of episodes, I tie my hair up in a bun. 

I’m ready for all the subtitles you throw at me.

The coziest place is abound with the most beautiful and traumatizing memories. Because if it is a place where you shared a belly laugh with your favourite characters, then it is also a place where you broke your heart over them.

All I want to say is that when I step out of my house, the yearning for that comfort makes me want to survive no matter how hard life is. And I’ll return for it.

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This was for the Daily Post promt, ‘Cozy’.

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The Rising Sun of My Dreams.

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Japan is known as ‘Nihon’ in Japanese which literally means ‘The origin of the sun’. Every morning Japan wakes up before anyone in the world and greets the sun. 

With that sun, my dreams take an ascent. 

The intricacy of simplicity and the magnanimity of the citizens appeals one and all. The varied kimono have a unique ballad to tell. The culture and tradition create a perfect harmony, which is the soul of this island nation.

My fascination with Japan began with anime. As years passed and I crept more and more into the depths of my fandom, I discovered Japan. Or rather Japan discovered me.

That moment itself I found my dream.

Japanese inculcated the love for language within me. Haiku became a way of life. Slowly, Japanese words unintentionally slipped into English. 

And I decided I would make this passion my life.

Still in the early stages of learning Japanese, I dream to be an interpreter and visit the country of my hope and dreams one day. 

Currently, it’s a long way to go. A world so beautiful that I believe that it is my fantasy. But I know it exists. Some far away but yes, it does. 

No dream is small. It all begins from somewhere. We all need to listen to the calling of our heart. That’s where the answer lies. And that is the origin of our dreams.

No matter how many conspiracies come in the way, never give up on yourself or your dreams. Grasp your dreams with your tightest grip ever. And keep looking forward.

My dream is the origin of my hope. 

And that is the origin of my life.

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