Gazing Into the Memory of a Lens.

(Image Source : Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo)

     Opaque foam floats over the ocean-like sky, admonishing gravity. My eyes deceive me as the sun opposes the heavens. Hiding behind the mirage infested water, this celestial rebel admires its refraction; a superimposition on the realm of the sky. As time races across the dainty wall clock, I burn the image into my eyes for future reference. The waves up north traverse between different worlds with a lack of motivation. They blindly follow the beacon of the wind and move ahead.

     The sun peers in a stoic manner whilst reciting incantations worthy of alchemy. The divinity of the Midas touch emerges. The sand timer clogs and with the click of an onomatopoeia; eternity freezes.

The above is a response to Sue Vincent’s photo prompt for #writephoto on the Daily Echo.

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Perceptive Reality.

(Image source – Pinterest)

What do I do

When he looks at her

Disregarding my presence;

I stand there



My voice is one

Among the thousands of noise,

You held her hand

And I held mine.

But then she didn’t know your worth

For henceforth your life

Will turn out to be

A sorcery.

She left,

Leaving a puddle

Of salty water behind

And your eyes,

A beautiful scarlet,

Continued cascading.

I saw your reflection

In my salty eyes

But you refracted it

With your frozen resolve



You followed her

And I followed you

And she followed him

Like Dominos.

You never fathomed

My love

Nor my name;

My incessant screaming

Yet you heard her hate.

I don’t want to accept my reality,

I will blame that nuisance,

That pane of glass


Where our worlds divide

And my tears

Lay still

And my voice

Turns into


That dusty glass screen

No matter how much I sanitize,

Accumulates the unnecessary again

Like specks of my heart

And shards of

My soul.

We live in realities apart;

But that reality

I refute,

I refrain,

To believe.

My heat dies 

A little

Every time I see you

Cry for her.

I could’ve loved you better,

Beyond infinity

Beyond the sands of time;

But then that alchemy of sand-

That glass

Is my karmic retribution.

But my heart accelerated

When you looked towards me

A smile 

Camouflaged within a tear,

Only for me.

But the world didn’t agree;

The screen went blank,

A red bar of battery,

All I could see

On that maleficent glass screen

Was a deplorable

Reflection of me.

The reflection of a girl,



Who resolved to live her life

In ambiguity,

A reality full of sham;

She found her solace

And his love

In the realm



Hey guys! So I tried writing a free verse poem describing my love for my anime characters. Since it’s Valentine’s day, everyone has a different opinion of love so I decided to express mine too!

My love is a love of fantasy.

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Please tell me about your views in the comments!

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A Simile like the Sky.

      Sitting on the concrete ground during the leisurely free lecture was not so languid to be precise. The mind was overwhelmed with the upcoming semester. A book in hand, which I didn’t even spare a glance during those 50 minutes, lay unconscious on my lap. I looked at the sky in inspiration.

     “What’s with the sky today?” I pondered. With clouds as thin as hair spread across the sky, the entire free lecture ended up being a naturalistic treat to the eyes.

     The clouds tightly hugged the blue sky like skinny ripped jeans. Like an oil painted canvas, the white hues stroked the expanse within my field of view. I had never seen the clouds being so notorious before. 

     My friend interpreted them to be like skeletons drifting overhead. Rightly so, as I looked up again, they shapeshifted to project themselves as a human rib cage. They kept in mind a constant speed, one blink of the eye, and they magically assumed a new identity.

     A while later, they looked like a heap of candy floss, tattered by an excited child, disregarding all the admonishing words by his mother.

     As they quietly layered over each other, the clouds seemed in a hurry as they swiftly flowed like a missile. They radiated a kind of warmth in my heart with their fur like appearance. Like a pseudo North Pole dwelling in the sky, the white fur might as well be that of a polar bear.

     The sun in the east, in its efforts to reach the noontide, seemed like a vacuum, magnetizing all the scattered clouds within its light. The white shroud spread over sky, like whipped cream over a knife. The silhouette of the building and the miniscule tree leaves made the scenery a dreamy charade.

     As the buildings looked darker owing to the rays of the sun, they juxtaposed with the tree trunks and made them look higher than the generic skyscraper. A little rocket zoomed across the clouds, leaving a trail of smoke behind. This left a linear pattern which looked like the clouds had fluffed up in volume. 

     The birds carried on without giving so much as a glance to this carnival in the sky. 

     And I carried on without giving a single moment of my attention to the book that gave up on me.

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Size of the Moon

(Image source – Google)

Konya no tsuki wa naze ka hitomawari ookikute?

Itsumo yori akaroku terasu…

(Why is the moon tonight larger than usual?

It emits an unusually bright light..)

-Naruto Shippuden Opening 14 Tsuki no Ookisa (Size of the Moon)

     So today, we could see the Super Blue Blood Moon from several countries including mine. Why does it have such a humongous name? It is a very rare phenomenon. There are three celestial events occurring at once.

1. A supermoon

2. A lunar eclipse (Blood moon)

3. A blue moon (Two full moons in a month)

     So basically this is a bumper gift for those who are fans and followers of the gravity defying space.

     Without getting much into the technical details, I would just like to speak about my experience of seeing this moon.

     So yesterday, my dad told me about it. I’ve been living under the knowledge of my messenger app for eternity, but my app failed to inform me about it. And if it is not on a message, it doesn’t exist for me. This ignorance was not blissful at all. Thanks to the people around me, I got acquainted with this fact. 

      I researched this phenomenon on all the websites on the first page of Google. And boy I was flabbergasted. The images were so beautiful. I couldn’t wait for the evening to arrive.

     Since yesterday, I’ve been posting statuses regarding the red moon that appears in the anime Naruto and comparing it with this rare phenomenon. For an otaku, any chance to link reality with anime is golden.

(Image Source – Naruto)

(Image Source – Pinterest)

     There is no doubt that all day I had this on my mind and as dusk arrived, I used the elevator and launched outside. I walked around my society in anticipation. I couldn’t see it. My heart sunk. I returned home.

     My heart was restless. I looked out from every window in my house innumerable times. But the satellite just kept evading me. I feared that I missed the occurrence. Dejected, I just posed a generic question on my family group, (with relatives around the world) “Did anyone see the moon today?”

     My aunt in America replied in the affirmative. I expressed my woes. Then, another aunt of mine, in America too, encouraged me to wait for some time. She sent me the exact timings of the view in my country and hope rekindled.

     I ran downstairs again. As I exited my building, I saw a lady with a child, pointing her index finger to the sky. She told her child to see the moon. I ran to her and looked where she was pointing.

     There it was, the moon in all its glory. There was a shadow casted on the moon. Only a thin line was visible. The lady advised me get a better view from a window facing in the direction of the moon.

     Alas, my house windows didn’t comply. The lady suggested that I go to my neighbour’s place. And that I did.

     I rung the bell and surprised my neighbour when I expressed the desire to see the moon. She gladly let me in. As I was guided to the window in the last room, my heart started beating faster. 

     When I looked at the moon outside the window, it looked so gigantic. The shadow was fading and I could see a crescent. I took several shabby pictures on my phone. How I wish I had a DSLR at such moments. The moon was a perfect 3d sphere. One could confuse it for a planet.

(I couldn’t capture the beauty T_T)

    I stood there, talking to my neighbour about the various experiences of her younger days. Amidst that, I constantly gazed at the moon. The eclipse was waning. I could see almost the entire moon. 

     After several more pictures, I decided that it was time to leave. If I had to see the entire eclipse drawing away, I’d have to wait another hour. I was satisfied with what I could see and left with a smile.

     The song mentioned at the beginning of the post has been playing in my head over and over since yesterday. It hasn’t ceased yet. 

     For everyone, it might be just a simplistic experience, but for me, it means a lot. It is a link to the two worlds. The world of deceptive reality and the world of fantastical reality.

     The phenomenon might have subsided, but in my vision, I have a new story to tell.

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If you could see the phenomenon in your country, leave your experience in the comments! Looking forward to read them!

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Of Rectitude and Benevolence.

     Date Masamune. The name itself is the echelon of power. He is one of my most favourite historic figure and I absolutely adore this valiant being. He is the One Eyed Dragon of Oshu and a single eye is enough to instill fear in the hearts of not only humans, but demons as well.

     Well keeping my admiration aside (I could talk about it the whole day), I would like to talk about the quote in the above image. 

Rectitude carried to excess hardens into stiffness; 

benevolence indulged beyond measure sinks into weakness

First, let us decode the meaning of a few words:

Rectitude –

1. Straightness; the state or quality of having a constant direction and not being crooked or bent. [from 15th c.]

2. (now) The fact or quality of being right or correct; correctness of opinion or judgement. [from 15th c.]

3. Conformity to the rules prescribed for moral conduct; (moral) uprightness, virtue [from 16th c.]

(via wikitionary)


From the above meanings, we can interpret the following,

1 talks about the physical aspect of rectitude. 

2 talks about the idealistic aspect. 

Whereas 3 is the amalgamation of both.

     If rectitude implies ‘straightness’, it suggests a constant state of mind in a human context. The inability to accept change and move on. The firmness of the mind in its self indulgence.

     If rectitude is ‘the quality of being correct’, then rectitude is a self perceived virtue. What is right for one man, is evil to another. It is subjective.

     If rectitude is ‘conformity to the rules of morals’, then it is obedience to norms. Self prescribed or socially prescribed.

     If we look closely, rectitude is almost the same as stiffness. But Date sama has used both these words. Maybe he is trying to tell us something different. Let us try to interpret.

 When he says,  

“Rectitude carried to excess hardens into stiffness”,

he seems to imply rectitude in an idealistic sense and stiffness in a physical sense, like face value, something tangible


Let us take an example appropriate to Date Masamune samas time to understand this better:

There are two warring states. One is equipped with western styled rifles and cannons and the other chooses to fight with katana (swords). The state using traditional weapons justifies its morals by the usage of non-western goods and thereby retaining the cultural pride. 

On the contrary, the state using western weapons justifies its morals of triumph by using any means possible. The virtues for culture lie within the heart, no matter what means used.

In most of the cases, it is obvious that the state with advanced weapons will emerge victorious. They’ll reign over all. If the state using traditional weapons had changed their strategy to suit the changing times and not fallen victim to the stiffness of their rectitude, they would have a fair chance of winning too.

     So this stiffness of the reluctance to use new weapons was a tangible quality. We could visually gauge the rectitude of this state; carried to excess in the time of war. 


So now let us interpret the following :

Rectitude carried to excess hardens into stiffness,

The constancy of morals is an appropriate thing, but don’t carry it to more than what’s desired. The quality of being excessively virtuous will make you resistant and reluctant to change. This will hinder your growth as an individual. You will no longer be able to adapt to change. And that will be your end in this game of survival of the fittest. 



1. (uncountable) Disposition to do good

2. (uncountable) Charitable kindness

3. (countable) An altruistic gift or act

(via wikitionary)

     It is very clear that benevolence is the epitome of humanity. Compassion is one of the seven virtues of a samurai. Benevolence is the instinctual desire to do well for the society. 

じん-Jin (One of the virtues of the ‘Bushidō’)

    Benevolence is not only kindness in terms of service or financial or physical help; you can even be benevolent with your trust. Giving people the benefit of your trust is a kindness of your heart. But benevolence should be confined to certain limits.

    That’s what Date sama is trying to explain. Anything in excess is lethal. Be it rectitude or benevolence.

     Benevolence is like sand. You can hold a few of the grains in your palm but a fistful would just repel away. 

Benevolence indulged beyond measure sinks into weakness.”

     Excessive benevolence is deceptive like quicksand. If you try too hard, you will sink faster. But this quicksand is your inevitable downfall. Be kind, but be shrewd.

     In Date samas time, one had to be sly to protect the fiefdom. Armies were massacred ruthlessly and people went to war at a very young age. There were betrayals. So I can understand where his words come from.

     Turning a blind eye to reality under the pretext of ‘trust’ is the greatest mistake. Many civilizations have thus fallen down. 

     Benevolence is a virtue. Being kind and helping people physically, emotionally and financially is totally alright. But we must keep this habit in check. 

Are you providing your shoulder for others to cry on to such an extent that it hurts?

Are you being so emotionally kind that you are incapable of defending yourself by protecting your own sanity?

Are you being so financially kind at the expense of not being able to feed your own self?

If any of the above is true, then it’s time to change. So in this regard, we can interpret the next two lines,

Benevolence indulged beyond measure sinks into weakness,

Be kind. But not so kind that you bet your self identity over it. Judge people. Analyse their motives. Everyone doesn’t require an equal amount of kindness. If you cross the limits of benevolence, you will be taken advantage of your foolish behaviour. You will become gullible. You will become vulnerable beyond help. Do good to those who need it aka do good to yourself and be just towards yourself.


Date Masamune

(Image source – Wikipedia)

Rectitude carried to excess hardens into stiffness; 

benevolence indulged beyond measure sinks into weakness.

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Do comment and let me know your suggestions if you want me to interpret other quotes from anime / manga or by Japanese warlords.

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The Wrath of the Moon.

Walking down a deserted path alone on a winter morning sure is intimidating for me. There are hardly any people. The sky has not awakened from slumber yet. There is a lone half moon, that shines over me.

(Image Source : Pinterest)

When the moon pulls the sea, memories wash over me. The moon has instigated the tide of reminisce. There is something occult about the moon before the twilight of dawn.

As I walk on the footpath, I crane my neck to look at it. The moon follows me like a regret in the deep recesses of my heart. Even though I blink my eyes, the regret never wanes. 

I give up on my fate and keep walking. I steal a look at the sky again. The moon still stares. 

Then I think that maybe its not a manifestation of my regret. Maybe the moon is always watching over me when I don’t know. Maybe it cares.

What if the entire dawning sky is actually an eye, and the moon, its pupil? The pupil contracts and dilates everday. Finally, it gets tired. And the eye closes. The moon disappears. It’s a black night.

So I smile and look at the moon again. I thank it for following me like a shadow above. Yet the moon doesn’t respond. It calmly looks at me in the eye. 

I’m flabbergasted. I can’t discern the gaze of the moon. The lack of knowledge scares me. I try to hide under the canopy of my building. 

I meekly peek again. It looks at me coldly. I run inside and wait until the sun comes out.

But I know, the moon is still looking, hiding within the shadow of the sun.

(Image Source : Pinterest)

This post is dedicated to Uchiha Obito from the anime Naruto, the story for which is written by Masashi Kishimoto sensei.

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My Baywatch Chronicles.

The bay is a beauty unexplored. Yes, there are people swarming about. People jogging along the footpath near the bay and couples having a sweet time at the sitting area overlooking the sea. 

Yet it is like an untouched paradise. How many people even listen to what is the sea trying to tell us? The sky has a story to whisper. 

The stones notoriously scatter themselves in the big puddle joining the ocean. The buildings go along with the whims of the sun. White during the day, onyx at night.

The sky and the sea feel like a single entity.

I’m a casual photo enthusiast and my phone camera is just a mere shard of glass against the lighting nature plays. 

The sea is shaded. Amidst the sky-blue hue lies a darker shade. They make incomprehensible patterns. But maybe they have a meaning.

Maybe the sea is the nature’s sand. With her nimble fingers of the wind, she writes the name of her unrequited lover on the sand of the sea. Though the syllables are out of our reach, maybe the hawk can see a hawk eyed view of it. 

And when the setting sun washes away her patterns, she cries.

Geographically, the bay looks like an abnormal robotic hand trying to unsuccessfully hold the water in its palms.

Like silent mermaids the rocks lounge about lavishly.  

The love story of the bay is forever incomplete. Like two lovers who are physically close but impossibly far away. As one end of the bay reaches out to connect the string of fate with the other, the horizon acts as a malicious witch. The two lovers never meet. They just gaze at each other from afar. Day in and night out.

As I walk along the sea, the winds calm down. The sunlight burns my head with Vitamin D. My panoramic eyes scan the entire expanse of the bay in one go. 

I listen to their stories over and over again. 

Yet I incessantly go along with the tide every single time.

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