Excerpts From My Diary : Day 13 – Day 15

Day 13

25th May’18


Woke up late, had to go to my cousin’s place. We left after breakfast. We talked, had fun and after lunch, me and my cousin went to the Kamla market just for killing time. We roamed around the market. It had very awesome stuff, good dresses, artificial jewellery and many other things. (I also saw a Naruto keychain and a Totoro purse there hehe) I purchased a set of pretty oxidised bangles at the suggestion of my cousin. Yay! Now this is a thing to show off, “I purchased this from Delhi!” *Ahem* Self-souvenir.

At night we went for dinner at Nandos and the food there was really amazing. I was full till the brim, but for the sake of dessert, we decided to go to the 24Seven store and got some very yummy waffles from there, the taste of which I will never forget.

It was a fun day. I enjoyed a lot!


Day 14

26th May’18

Towards Home

7:30 am

I woke up early today because we had to do the final packing. It’s time to leave. I am a little sad that this trip is ending but not exactly very sad, because I miss my room, my posters and anime. I belong to that couch-bed, among those posters.

Amidst breakfast and speaking about nostalgia, time flew by. It was soon time to call a taxi to leave for the railway station. It was quite tensing as we got stuck in the traffic, but somehow we made it at the last moment.

2:27 pm

We reached the station. The train moved 5 minutes later and I was already feeling motion sick. No matter how much I love travelling, after 13 days of road travel, I’m finally at my limit. I said near the window and started writing.

8:46 p.m

Still writing. Got down at the Kota station for some time to get fresh air when the train stopped there for a break. It is completely dark outside. I couldn’t write real-time stuff as I had to complete the log for the past 3 days. If I don’t write, I will forget the little things and if I do write, I miss the real time view. *Sigh* But I did note down a few stuff to elaborate on.

The stretch initially was buildings, fields and villages. Then began Rajasthan. You can see a vast desert spread out before you. Sandy rocks. They look like they got their shape over the ages. At 6:36 p.m., I could see the moon. The sun did not even set by then. A lake flowed calmly, temples on the bank. The desert didn’t have any concrete roads; several cars travelling from one road over and over again have created a natural path. Around 7:08 p.m., one could see sunset on one side and the moon on the other. Plateaus and plateaus full of green trees, but these were unruly, not like the Shimla Pine; lined up on both the sides. There were rocks over rocks, sprinkled with sand. They created hills with their own will. The whole scene until darkness was filled with deserts and mountains farther away.

A View of the Desert from the Train

The train was violently shaking and that didn’t help my apparent motion sickness at all. So I decided to sleep. I put on my earphones and played calm anime music to music help me sleep faster. But then Pop played and my eyes opened wide. I had to stop the shuffle and play Itachi’s theme on loop. Then I slept. I woke up again realising I did not switch off my phone music, I did so and went to sleep.


Day 15

27th May’18


When my eyes opened, people were leaving. I thought we reached already. It looked a little bright, but I saw that no one from our family had woken up. To make sure, I checked the time, 2:11 a.m. I had to squint to re-check. Oh no. I looked outside the window. At first, I thought it must be the curtain but it was the sky; pitch-black. I shut my eyes so that time passes soon and I reach home.

The next, I opened my eyes around 6 a.m. Everyone had almost woken up. I sat up and looked outside, it was so calming. There was greenery everywhere. We’d reached Maharashtra. This greenery is always unique. Far off, there are mountains, full green. The forests too are a profound green. A river, very calmly flows around the mountains. The sun, still not totally awake for the day, lazily hid behind the clouds.

After we reached the station, we got off the train and it took us some time before we could get a taxi to home.


2:45 pm


Completing my diary. Last few things to write about. An overview. Conclusion.

I do feel a little sad that the trip ended. But I am happy to be home. Now, until the new academic year begins, I am just sleeping and watching anime. I loved Shimla the most. I felt really calm there.

The train rides were fun, but I enjoyed actual road trips more. We could put on music and stuff. But both were good. Better than going in an aeroplane and missing all the scenery. Every travel has its own fun.

I thank everyone in my family for giving me all the tickets and pamphlets, even when I forgot about it. Thanks to that, my diary is colourful. Good relief from my stupid train handwriting.

This diary is inspired by a travelogue I wrote when I went to Delhi 6-7 years ago. It motivated me. Reading that little travelogue makes me happy. So I thought, why not give my future self a full diary of 15 days? There you go future me. Hope you improve your handwriting and get inspired more. Hope you’re in Japan.

Live in the moment and look forward to more.


Thank you for checking out this blog!

I had to include three days in one post as there was not a lot of material to write about because towards the end, we were spending time with our relatives.

(Sorry for the frequent fluctuations in the tenses. I wrote different things at different times with different feelings.)

So with this, my diary series is complete. I’ll see you with my usual random posts from the next time!

Do comments your views on this series!

Excerpts From My Diary : Day 12 (2)


Excerpts From My Diary : Day 8

Day 8

20th May’ 18



11.05 A.M

Towards Solang, the mountains were beautiful. The snow was melting and only a little remained. The Beas river follows as usual and there are several rocks on the bank. The snowy mountains hide behind green. they are like a chain that adorn the green ones. They peek through. The motherly hands of the clouds pat the pinnacle.

We were running a little late today.

Till Solang Valley The scenery was very redundant. Mountains with melted snow and green ones.

When we reached the foothill, there were again horses to help us go upto 2.5 kilometres. No. Some of us went on them and the rest of us just walked. I was so tired with this climbing and all. I put the phone in the pocket of my windcheater and blasted anime music out loud. The fact that I was wearing a palazzo pant didn’t make my life any easier. After a lot of toiling and elevated dust allergy, I reached at the tourist point. My parents and aunt and uncle went up to a temple ahead which I didn’t go as my feet wouldn’t comply. According to what they said, it was a beautiful temple and the cold water from the waterfall cascaded naturally onto the holy idol. Wow. I could also see people paragliding. Not for me. Nah. I’ve always been bad at P.E. My stamina is not even 0.1% of what Naruto has. The only thing interesting about this place according to me was the breathtaking view and a flowing stream with surrounding rocks. We made our way down again by walking.

While Walking Uphill

View From The Top

The Stream

5:43 p.m.

I am sitting in the balcony of my hotel. But it’s so irritating cause it’s on the main road. The solace and solitude of the hotel from Shimla is eliminated. Sure, I can see the mountains far off, the melting snow and the snow caps. But the sound of those different indiscernible birds is hardly heard over the screeching noise of car horns and people conversing. The engines revv up and the rustle of trees is silent. It is very hot, but the winds are not. The sun is visible. It takes a long time here for it to get completely dark. It’s unusually bright for a hill station. I have to sit in the shade. It’s really sad that we have not been able to consistently enjoy the typical climate. That’s expected because though it is a season for people to visit; paradoxically it is off-season. And there is no snow. Even yesterday, it was raining heavily. We, obviously not prepared for it, had to get drenched.

I’ll kinda talk about the view around. To my left, when I train my eyes to look afar, a green mountain is visible. I mean it’s green because of those trees, which, if I’m not mistaken are Pine trees. Peeking from there, is an absolutely snow capped mountain peak. There might be little patches of melted snow but I can’t say for sure. That mountain is always full of snow no matter whenever I steal a glance at it. I wonder if I could go there. You know, those “off the beaten track” and “the road less traveled” kind of fantasy. Anyway with my amount of stamina you would never expect me to actually do that. To top it all, I have a fear of heights. To be honest that area is uninhabited and I don’t think there are any roads there. Above it, a cloud floats. There are usually very less clouds here. When you see more, prepare for a rainstorm. The trees block my full view but that’s ok. Trees are cool. The buildings that block my view irritate me to no end. And someone is playing loud music to top off all the hullabaloo. Finally, a gust of wind blows. But the honking cars disrupt that peace.

Towards the front, I mean afar, there are three mountains. Two full of greenery. Also scattered are some houses. Beyond those is a third mountain, where there are only a few remnants of snow. The rest is gone and the rocky surface can be seen. The light from the sun, which is almost about to go, illuminates the top of the mountains at an indecipherable angle. I shift my chair in the middle of the balcony as the sunlight isn’t falling here anymore. As I start turning to the right, I can see faint traces of a forest in the valley. The mountain (green) from before continuous over to the far, far right, even I cannot see where it ends. At the right end of that mountain, several houses are lined up. There are three more mountains behind, which look like four; as the shadow of the first mountain falls on the second one behind it. The first one is a green mountain, the two behind are snowy ones. The second mountain has a negligible amount of snow. The last one behind has snow left, which again is melting. But in the morning, I can see these mountains when I open my eyes; they’re completely fairy white. Behind these three mountains and the big green one, (the one that stretches from the opposite side to the extreme right) the sun starts to descend slowly. Its pride has dimmed and it’s almost about to go. I could write about the full time lapse of the sunset but it’ll honestly mean me sitting here for the next 3-4 hours. I would, if this were Shimla, but I can’t bear the noise and pedestrians here. Also, as I said, it takes a really long time here for it to get actually turn dark. Stuff is clearly visible even at 8 p.m.

Tomorrow we are travelling all day. Manali to Chandigarh (by road) and Chandigarh to Delhi (by train). Damn. Need to wake up around 4-4:30 a.m. Actually, I do love road trips. I get to see new things on the way, hence I prefer road travel in the daylight. Now, after watching some vlogs on YouTube and having snacks, then dinner and desert, it’ll soon be time to sleep. It will be a long day tomorrow. This is the last phase of this long trip. Honestly I do feel a little homesick.


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Excerpts From My Diary : Day 9 – Day 11

Excerpts From My Diary : Day 7

Excerpts From My Diary : Day 5

Day 5

17th May ’18

5:51 A.M

I really wanted to see the sunrise. However, we have a view of the west from my balcony so I can see the sunset from here. Nonetheless, I don’t regret waking up early. I feel fresh. And alive. The air is cold and the only sound is that of the different species of birds. I can’t even identify them. To my right, all I can see is massive mountains. There is civilization to the left but that doesn’t concern me. Here, all alone in my balcony, I take a panoramic view of the scenery. The mountain before me is broad. Yellow-green, mantis, dark green; every shade of green can be seen. All of them are growing just fine, in a naturalistic symmetry. It sometimes looks like an architect has deliberately undertaken this job. But on second thought, nature itself is the best designer. The shadow of the sun falls on the upper half of the mountain, darkening the lower one. I wonder how would it be to leave nature in her original state, because the trees right below my hotel – they feel like they belong to a much, much more bigger part of this puzzle of nature. Following the green mountain, lies a sandy mountain. Is it sandy? Or is that the leaves shining like gold? I would never know. The mountains are not completely flat, nor do they have a peak. It seems like several more such mountainous habitats originate by jutting out from the parent mountain. And the mountain is like a wave. The sky is pristine but is created out of several hues of blue. A flock or two fly across. Looking at this makes me feel exhilarated. These are places that make you feel like you are alive. That blood is pumping in your veins. That your heart is beating. I live for these moments. Yesterday, I was so shook. And I said, no words can express the true beauty; only the teary awe can. Even though there are several birds speaking at once, it doesn’t feel like ‘noise’ at all. It feels like a co-ordinated orchestra, where each bird sings in his/her tempo and tune, to compose the music of nature. As the sun takes its position, the silhouette becomes more and more pronounced and another mountain is created, in the shadow of the parent one.

To be honest, as someone who loves writing, this is my inspiration. Nature is so unpredictable and there is beauty in that unpredictability. And that’s why it never gets stagnant. There is detail in every little thing, and it makes me feel so good spiritually and physically. I feel like I’ve discovered something that I never had before.

I see a monkey moving and jumping across trees before me. He starts coming towards my building and I run inside. I could sit there all day and write a lot more but sadly my words and time are limited.

I would just like to quote the song ‘Still Alive’ from the anime ‘Yuri!!!On Ice’ to mention my feelings :

Every day I sing the brotherhood of man,
How grateful it is, we’re still alive.
I can feel my soul singing as a bird.
Wherever I go, God stays with me.

Yuri!!!On Ice, Still Alive

The View From My Balcony

10:05 A.M

We leave for sightseeing and by 11:51 a.m. we almost reach Kufri. The road was very picturesque, but the scene was already very similar to Shimla. Many mountains and Pine trees juxtaposed with human cruelty. The cold air hit my face and with each breath, I felt reborn. Towards Kufri, one could see the entire Valley as Kufri is at a high level. Several yaks and colourful market stretches could be seen on the way. We reached Kufri at noon.

Towards Kufri

*We were informed that we could only go to the peak by the means of a horse. However, as I am really scared of them, I took the long route and walked up the dirt path, along with my dad, surrounded by all the other people who rode the horse. Though the path was very dusty, reaching the top was an achievement. It was not very high, just 3 km but as I have a very less amount of stamina, (I suck at P.E and all sports) I was huffing and puffing at the end.

After reaching, there was a big market which sold shawls and earmuffs mostly. We went around the market for sometime, clicked pictures in the traditional garb of Himachal Pradesh and went back down. While getting down the hill, it was a breathtaking view.

Later, we went to the Jakhoo temple, which was on the highest peak of the city. We had to hire a small car to take us till the peak. There were many monkeys hanging around. It was a beautiful temple and there was a really really tall Hanuman statue there.

After that, we went to the Mall Road. After climbing up 3 km and again a bit at the temple, the Mall Road again was uphill. (MY LEGSS T_T) But it was really beautiful with several shops selling keychains, shawls, caps and fun stuff. We could also see the Hanuman statue from there. There was a library and a Church too. The Church appears in several Bollywood movies. We walked around for sometime.

The Library And Church At Mall Road

The Evening View At Mall Road

It was a very tiring day for everyone. But that didn’t stop us from our usual talks in the lobby and night stroll. It is our last night in Shimla. I love this place. Tomorrow, after the final packing, we’ll leave for Manali via Kullu.


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Excerpts From My Diary : Day 6

Excerpts From My Diary : Day 4

Excerpts From My Diary : Day 4

Day 4

16th May ’18

(Amritsar ➡ Chandigarh➡Shimla)

7:10 a.m.

Hardly slept and woke up with sore eyes. Train to Chandigarh at 5:15 a.m. We were almost late for our train. We travelled to the station with our luggage in an open rickshaw. The streets were dark. 4:30 a.m was such a desolate hour.

I am sitting near a window in our AC chair car train.

What Do Her Eyes See?

(Amritsar to Chandigarh)


Her eyes see the beauty and oblivion in sparkles

And she speaks in rhythms and treble.


She sees the sun as a pole star,

Because she is a sailor for adventure; close or afar.


She sees withered trees and fallen leaves for inspiration,

And keynotes for catalytic enumeration.


She sees the glitter of happiness on the window,

And looks out for ruins hitherto.


She sees pareidolia in factory chimneys,

And words in a medley.


She sees an unwinding path in every canal

And giants holding electric wires in tug-of-war panel.


She sees angry birds in straw huts,

And the silhouette of coal in black salt tuts.


She sees the emancipation of freedom over the horizon,

And the choir of long trees, chanting in communion


She sees the clairvoyance of her dream

And flags of milestones that guide her path with a gleam.


9:51 A.M

We begin with our Chandigarh sightseeing. First, we went to the Rose Garden. There, we saw different roses and clicked several pictures. We then proceeded to the Rock Garden. That garden was very beautiful. Many artifacts were made out of different, innovative materials. Broken plates, broken tubelight sockets etc. There was a section where it was like a nature trek with waterfalls. We kind of ‘trekked’ through the bridges and the waterfall which had an historic overlay above it. Later, we went to the Sukhna lake, where we did not stop for a long while because of the scorching hot weather. After that, we proceeded to Shimla in a Tempo Traveller.

Rock Garden, Chandigarh.

1:39 p.m.

As I had to multi-task during the train journey; the same was not possible with the Tempo Traveller. So I had to type on my phone. Also, as things were zooming past really fast, I had to write it in free verse so as to account for my views and savour it too. It is not a perfect poem, just something between a free verse and prose.

Transitive Paradox

(Towards Shimla)


Lone temples, cascading Colosseum-like stones,

Ghats swerve sight within a squint.


Expanse of valleys

And a bridge arches with grace


Trees shudder at the cliff

Fearing the abrupt


Stones hold their pace

And accompany crooked trees in an alien Salsa


My sleep fades away

As the flicker of a natural story unfolds


The humongous mountains overlap

An impossible race.


Specks of concrete bedazzled by pyramidal symmetry of gravel


Dried waterfalls depart on a spirituality

Whilst stones fight fate


Cranes devastate the natural state

I don’t know whether to turn my eyes or accept this abase


Stones harbour a tinge of pink

As intimidating trees peek at the scavengers of nature


They spread out like a peacock

But indented, by our niche minds


Leaning houses take ascent

And trees crawl over one another to achieve the pinnacle


I change my view as my family suggests

And I’m shook, and I’m in awe


I miss a few lines as I comprehend, how magnanimous is the mountainous existence;

And we, tiny entities survive in the majesty of our ego.


It is necessary for civilization to progress

But so much as to engrave nature?


An ocean of trees, elevating and depressing

A hawks eye view in a spree


A refreshing purple pigment in profound green

Followed by an embroidery in polychrome.


But it’s an irony

Because this beauty, is only possible because I too, am a cruel human travelling through the concrete


Colourful bricks obscure my sandy view

And a street amplifies the dilemma


Birds sway and flock unanimously

Just like me; devoid of forty winks


Timeskip cause I sleep lol.



The mountain is like a slumbering being

Fingers folded like hills; spiky nails


It’s an endless loop of mountains

Temple flags and proud trees


The car trembles as it thrusts upwards

And the sun accentuates the golden grass.


With a lopsided grin and wild hair unkempt

I feel truly alive; exhilarated


The entire world beneath me, the tributaries of green gold

And the peak in quest awaits


I capture the fragment in my mind’s eye

My hands oblivious of and allergic to a camera


That is just a garb though

My measly photography skills will taint the enigmatic truth, I believe


The thrill of steering at the curvy edge

Induces the wonder of the garniture of trees rooted in rocky sand


The clouds jump in the picturesque bandwagon

And send their infantry to glare at the sun


Cold air hits my city bred eyes

And my chapped lips stare at the unknown


The transparency of white shrouds the mountain head

On the contrary, the skinny trees huff and puff and trek upwards with a huddle


A galore of trees mark the map

And the illusionary dry waterfalls turn into snake-like roads


I feel omnipotent whilst casually looking at the satellite view of the world beneath

The valley where I left a part of my soul, to the point of no return.


The rays pierce away the clouds

They temporarily retreat behind the trees for a strategy


The opposite settlements are spread out like sprinkles of marble

Growing wherever they are desired; like an octopus


The sun dissipates everyone in anger

For he’s too stubborn to relinquish his throne; akin to a marionette.


Pine trees descend before me

A procession which is undoubtedly a writers paradise.


I share a coffee with the valley swallowing the sun

I sit there, entranced, an evident writer’s block, for no words can describe that beauty; deeper than the deepest abyss of thought.


It took us almost an hour to find our hotel. After several miscommunications, we found it. I was apprehensive at first but when I looked at the view – I was entranced. Diary, let me tell you, it is ‘paradise’. For someone like me, who is inspired by nature (and anime too) there is nothing better than this. Our hotel, though in a desolate area, with markets farther than 4 kilometres away, we have the BEST peaceful view. With hot coffee in my hand, I stood in my balcony and took a whiff of the breeze. DAZZLED. Some of todays account was written by me sitting in the balcony, looking at the aftermath of the sunset. I wanted to take inspiration and write, but I had to complete the previous account first. But it grew dark soon. But anyway, I wouldn’t have been able to write. Why? I said it is a ‘Writer’s Paradise,’ but but but… it’s just so beautiful, there’ll be no words to describe it. It actually induces a writer’s block. It is paradoxical. But that again is the grace of nature.

The sunset, as seen from my hotel.

*At night, after dinner, we used to meet in the hotel lobby and take strolls outside. Though it was pitch dark and the mountains looked like they had disappeard completely from the face of the earth, the breeze and the dropping temperature was something to be enjoyed. After cooling ourselves from the breeze outside, we used to come back into the lobby, chatter for some time, share a laugh or two, then go back and sleep.


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Excerpts From My Diary : Day 5

Excerpts From My Diary : Day 3

Excerpts From My Diary : Day 1

Hi everyone! I know I’ve been away for a long time, but now I’m back with a lot of stuff to tell you all!

From 13th May’18 to 27th May’18, I went for a long trip, spanning most of the North of India.

Amritsar ➡ Chandigarh ➡ Shimla ➡ Manali via (Kullu) ➡ Chandigarh ➡ Delhi.

I’ve written a personal diary with an account of every day for fifteen days. Poems that I was inspired to write, my views on things, descriptions and everything else that came to mind.

It was a road journey, by trains, tempo travellers and cars. It was a good opportunity for literary inspiration.

For the next few posts, I’ll be using some excerpts from my diary to narrate interesting experiences I had and the poems I wrote along with maybe some new opinions. (Google voice typing will be a saviour)

The original writing in the book is graced by my bad handwriting, shameful grammar, absolutely unredeemable spellings and unnecessary personal opinions. Technology has saved me.

* Stuff not written in diary, new opinion.


*Before leaving, I printed out a map of North India from Google and marked the route that I’ll follow and also wrote a tentative itinerary.

Day 1

13th May 2018

Towards Amritsar (Punjab)

1:27 pm Prologue

‘A picture speaks a thousand words.’ But words too, can stimulate pictures. If a photographer can present an image and instigate words, a writer can present words and trigger your imagination. A page full of words, or a picture both can take you to the frozen moment of time. Words can speak and stimulate a lot more. They open the doors of thought. And a combination of pictures and words both is the most ideal as they complement each other well. As I soon depart for my journey, I hope to use the fantasy of my words well, so that no matter how many times you and I open this diary, we relive those moments again and again; but with a new interpretation every single time. Bon Voyage!

9:25 pm – Train Departs

11:11 pm

As I sit on my side-upper train berth, sprawled like it were my favourite couch, (except it’s not my couch, nor it is home, it is a violently shaking train. I’m sure my elevating and depressing handwriting conveys so.) headphones blasting with anime music as I write.

We have either middle, side upper or upper berth seats. Ahh… I hope I get to sit near the window tomorrow, otherwise I won’t be able to describe the essence of the transition of the scenery! T_T

On a side note, I know this is a long journey but time really flies very fast. It’s already 11:23 P.M, after all the long wait, 2 hours flew away like a shinkansen (Japanese bullet train). We had our fill of junk food; wafers and all, well, it’s a trip, who cares about diet? Continuing my thought, we must savour every moment. Don’t blink or you’ll fall behind. Enjoy everything as it comes. The trip might get over soon, but I plan to savour every moment. (And of course relive through these words.)

Departing from here, we were in city limits. It’s good to get out of the bustling city, but seeing all the lit up hoardings and buildings pass by me, I knew I would miss my city, though not on the surface but in my subconscious I would. And after that, I climbed up (with struggle) on my side upper berth. And as I write this, the scenario around me (I mean within the train) keeps on changing as everyone prepares to sleep. Attendants with water and food pass by occasionally, but I, absorbed in writing this, let all that turn into a blur and the voices drown out as Japanese music blasts into my ears. I think I should sleep too. (Hah, I won’t until 1:30 – 2:00 A.M anyway…) But there’s nothing more to right now. It’s the entire day in the train tomorrow, and if I get a good seat, I’ll have a lot to tell. Until then, let’s remember that the living in every moment is important.

Lights switch off around me, one by one. Now, it’s countdown until morning, when I would get to see valleys and mountains. (hopefully) Oyasumi!


So this was the excerpt for 13th May’18. I’ll keep on posting as and when I’m done typing, editing etc.

Thank you for reading! Do comment your views and suggestions.

Excerpts From My Diary : Day 2