Fear Of being Missed Out.

FOMO : Fear of Missing Out.

This is something that we’ve heard all along. Life is all about that plunge. If we cower in our shell and give excuses, we’re sacrificing memories to thrive on yada yada yada.


But have you ever thought about the tide of time? What if we want to be remembered, but time covers up for our presence?

Imagine one of those objects which dents in when we poke it. As long as our finger applies pressure on it, the dent sustains. But once you pull back your finger, slowly but steadily, the dent rises and eventually, the object gains its original shape.

Life is just like that.

People are going to forget you if you don’t reinforce your presence. The culprit here being time. And sometimes, even if they do remember you, your essence has already been replaced by someone else.

You just exist.

Just like an idea. It’s there, the image. But there are no feelings to complement the image. Time slowly brings in a better substitute, pushing you into the backstreets.

There’ll always be someone better than you.

And then we’re relegated to the third person position. Looking forlornly at the person who now stands where once you were, probably in a better position, slowly sucking out the essence of your existence in the eyes of the concerned individuals.

What do we do?

I say, pay no mind. You might feel betrayed, lost, tired, lonely, but as long as you know who you are, others don’t matter. They never did. If someone cares enough to never forget you, essence and all, keep them. Rest of them, let it go.


The above is just a little rant that I felt like writing. Do you have a similar experience? If you do, remember that it’ll be all be fine. It is difficult when people get into the niche that you worked hard to create. But don’t let people bring you down. You just need to go out there and carve a niche for yourself; just enough for you and only you to fit in.

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I’m planning to do a quote interpretation next, do suggest if you have any ideas!


Cruising Through Freedom.


(Come on board and bring along all your hopes and dreams)


(Together, we will find everything that we are looking for)

-One Piece opening 1 and Translation

Under the endless sky, above the sea, as you sail, nothing feels impossible. The horizon is far away. But we keep on chasing it, right to the other side of the world.

That is the adventure of life.

As I looked at the elevation and depression of the waves, I closed my eyes and let the wind hit my face. I stretched my hand towards the sea and at that moment, I felt free. Like I could achieve anything. A world full possibilities was lying before me.

There is not always a pail of gold or jewels at the other side of an adventure. Sometimes, we just set sail with dreams in anticipation of an adventurous journey.

The seagulls doted over the sky and beyond as we went farther. They flew right overhead and swooped along my line of vision. For a moment, I felt mocked by their timeless freedom. But as human beings, we are not entitled to freedom, we need to achieve it – amidst the chaos of our thoughts.

The setting sun hovered right over the coast and shone on the sea. A sight to behold. As it sunk deeper and deeper, it wrapped around all the light within itself.

My eyes captured that moment into the expansive storage of my heart.

After half an hour in the heart of the sea, it was time to turn the helm. We traced back to the coast. As the shoreline approached, the high flying seagulls were replaced by the cawing crows, who, I believe envy the guts of the seagulls to stay away from the land.

As I felt the concrete beneath my feet, the polluted hair hit my face. I was back to reality. I turned back and looked at the sea, who merrily sang away, accommodating new people, who were about experience a similar half an hour of adventure.

Somewhere, far away, my dreams lie dormant. One day, our paths will converge. That is the hope that the sea gave me.

You can only achieve what you want if you free yourself from the shackles of the anchor weighing down your heart. And once the anchor is lifted, set sail and explore opportunities that are spread out before you everywhere. The world is an ocean of possibilities.

Let the current of life hit you on the face. Take a deep breath and stretch your hand towards the sun. The world is waiting to be yours.


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A Simile like the Sky.

      Sitting on the concrete ground during the leisurely free lecture was not so languid to be precise. The mind was overwhelmed with the upcoming semester. A book in hand, which I didn’t even spare a glance during those 50 minutes, lay unconscious on my lap. I looked at the sky in inspiration.

     “What’s with the sky today?” I pondered. With clouds as thin as hair spread across the sky, the entire free lecture ended up being a naturalistic treat to the eyes.

     The clouds tightly hugged the blue sky like skinny ripped jeans. Like an oil painted canvas, the white hues stroked the expanse within my field of view. I had never seen the clouds being so notorious before. 

     My friend interpreted them to be like skeletons drifting overhead. Rightly so, as I looked up again, they shapeshifted to project themselves as a human rib cage. They kept in mind a constant speed, one blink of the eye, and they magically assumed a new identity.

     A while later, they looked like a heap of candy floss, tattered by an excited child, disregarding all the admonishing words by his mother.

     As they quietly layered over each other, the clouds seemed in a hurry as they swiftly flowed like a missile. They radiated a kind of warmth in my heart with their fur like appearance. Like a pseudo North Pole dwelling in the sky, the white fur might as well be that of a polar bear.

     The sun in the east, in its efforts to reach the noontide, seemed like a vacuum, magnetizing all the scattered clouds within its light. The white shroud spread over sky, like whipped cream over a knife. The silhouette of the building and the miniscule tree leaves made the scenery a dreamy charade.

     As the buildings looked darker owing to the rays of the sun, they juxtaposed with the tree trunks and made them look higher than the generic skyscraper. A little rocket zoomed across the clouds, leaving a trail of smoke behind. This left a linear pattern which looked like the clouds had fluffed up in volume. 

     The birds carried on without giving so much as a glance to this carnival in the sky. 

     And I carried on without giving a single moment of my attention to the book that gave up on me.

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Size of the Moon

(Image source – Google)

Konya no tsuki wa naze ka hitomawari ookikute?

Itsumo yori akaroku terasu…

(Why is the moon tonight larger than usual?

It emits an unusually bright light..)

-Naruto Shippuden Opening 14 Tsuki no Ookisa (Size of the Moon)

     So today, we could see the Super Blue Blood Moon from several countries including mine. Why does it have such a humongous name? It is a very rare phenomenon. There are three celestial events occurring at once.

1. A supermoon

2. A lunar eclipse (Blood moon)

3. A blue moon (Two full moons in a month)

     So basically this is a bumper gift for those who are fans and followers of the gravity defying space.

     Without getting much into the technical details, I would just like to speak about my experience of seeing this moon.

     So yesterday, my dad told me about it. I’ve been living under the knowledge of my messenger app for eternity, but my app failed to inform me about it. And if it is not on a message, it doesn’t exist for me. This ignorance was not blissful at all. Thanks to the people around me, I got acquainted with this fact. 

      I researched this phenomenon on all the websites on the first page of Google. And boy I was flabbergasted. The images were so beautiful. I couldn’t wait for the evening to arrive.

     Since yesterday, I’ve been posting statuses regarding the red moon that appears in the anime Naruto and comparing it with this rare phenomenon. For an otaku, any chance to link reality with anime is golden.

(Image Source – Naruto)

(Image Source – Pinterest)

     There is no doubt that all day I had this on my mind and as dusk arrived, I used the elevator and launched outside. I walked around my society in anticipation. I couldn’t see it. My heart sunk. I returned home.

     My heart was restless. I looked out from every window in my house innumerable times. But the satellite just kept evading me. I feared that I missed the occurrence. Dejected, I just posed a generic question on my family group, (with relatives around the world) “Did anyone see the moon today?”

     My aunt in America replied in the affirmative. I expressed my woes. Then, another aunt of mine, in America too, encouraged me to wait for some time. She sent me the exact timings of the view in my country and hope rekindled.

     I ran downstairs again. As I exited my building, I saw a lady with a child, pointing her index finger to the sky. She told her child to see the moon. I ran to her and looked where she was pointing.

     There it was, the moon in all its glory. There was a shadow casted on the moon. Only a thin line was visible. The lady advised me get a better view from a window facing in the direction of the moon.

     Alas, my house windows didn’t comply. The lady suggested that I go to my neighbour’s place. And that I did.

     I rung the bell and surprised my neighbour when I expressed the desire to see the moon. She gladly let me in. As I was guided to the window in the last room, my heart started beating faster. 

     When I looked at the moon outside the window, it looked so gigantic. The shadow was fading and I could see a crescent. I took several shabby pictures on my phone. How I wish I had a DSLR at such moments. The moon was a perfect 3d sphere. One could confuse it for a planet.

(I couldn’t capture the beauty T_T)

    I stood there, talking to my neighbour about the various experiences of her younger days. Amidst that, I constantly gazed at the moon. The eclipse was waning. I could see almost the entire moon. 

     After several more pictures, I decided that it was time to leave. If I had to see the entire eclipse drawing away, I’d have to wait another hour. I was satisfied with what I could see and left with a smile.

     The song mentioned at the beginning of the post has been playing in my head over and over since yesterday. It hasn’t ceased yet. 

     For everyone, it might be just a simplistic experience, but for me, it means a lot. It is a link to the two worlds. The world of deceptive reality and the world of fantastical reality.

     The phenomenon might have subsided, but in my vision, I have a new story to tell.

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If you could see the phenomenon in your country, leave your experience in the comments! Looking forward to read them!

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(Image Source : Google)

The silhouette of my angel is a pristine white,

She flies overhead in an invisibly nimble reality,

Flailing her arms, in the gusts of wind which only I can feel.

Her voice is my impersonation,

Sometimes a soft vibration, 

Sometimes a howl of defiance.

She gazes into the chasm of my unaware eyes,

As I daydream a daily fantasy.

She speaks of authentic naivety,

But then basks in her own limelight of pride and wisdom,

Making a muddle of my grey cells.

Her shadow trails mine into a canvas of silhouettes,

Watching my back in times of peril.

Her motives are indecipherable,

A mere snap of whimsical giggles.

Yet we are connected,

My angel and me;

The voices manifesting in my head.

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The above free verse poem is in response to the Daily Post prompt ‘Silhouette’.

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An Amateur Philosophy.

In the labyrinth of life, I separate from myself, body and soul,

A journey to seek my potential, trying to comprehend existence alone.

Life is a malicious maze which compels one to wear a poker face. A strenuous layer of a fake smile is plastered above the jaw. The soul seeks salvation and happiness but the body and mind seek competition. Hence, they don’t comply.

According to Jean Paul Sartre, in the human realm, existence is the primary entity. As we exist, we discover the essence of our existence. I believe existence and essence go hand in hand. As we find our essence, we start existing for the world i.e. people will acknowledge us.

The inferiority of the complex I feel is baffling,

The world around me, in self-loathe, is wilting.

Everyday, I confront someone who is better than me. If in this world of 7 billion people and more, everyone is better than me, then what is the purpose of my existence? What is my essence? 

But then I realised that everyone thinks the same. The ones at the base of intellectual pyramid envy the ones at the pinnacle. The ones at the pinnacle envy the knowledge of the Gods. In other words, wherever you look, all are writhing in self-hate.

I keep walking, my soles tattered,

But I throw back pieces of my heart like bread crumbs; if  I ever need to go back home, spirit shattered.

I have lost my way so many times that my feet have given up. I scrape my way through the desert of life. 

I gave a miniscule piece of my figurative heart to everyone. But they buried it in the deep recesses of their vengeance. I set up a wall around me to test what Socrates said,

(Sometimes, you put walls up not to keep people out, but to see who cares enough to break them down.)

but no one came.

I looked at the mirror in revelation,

I was the only one who could save myself from this retribution.

After experimenting with my trust several times, I lost my emancipation. Defeated, I looked at my reflection. 

I was the only one who could save myself. Liberate myself from my thoughts. Then comes the concept of self-love. Love yourself. Think about yourself first. But not in a narcissistic manner. Live for yourself. That within itself is existence and essence.

I lifted my weary eyelids and set out again,

A winding path of life, abound with a little upliftment and a galore of disdain.

So after I discovered the incantation of self-love, I set out again. With new shoes and a new companion called ‘hope’. 

But still, it doesn’t change the fact that life IS difficult. There are very few people who will encourage you. The rest will wish despair for everyone. But I’ll keep walking. Maybe the beacon isn’t as far as it seems.
Hello! So in this post I have used a different approach by writing my short poem and explaining it to make my thoughts clear.

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The Wrath of the Moon.

Walking down a deserted path alone on a winter morning sure is intimidating for me. There are hardly any people. The sky has not awakened from slumber yet. There is a lone half moon, that shines over me.

(Image Source : Pinterest)

When the moon pulls the sea, memories wash over me. The moon has instigated the tide of reminisce. There is something occult about the moon before the twilight of dawn.

As I walk on the footpath, I crane my neck to look at it. The moon follows me like a regret in the deep recesses of my heart. Even though I blink my eyes, the regret never wanes. 

I give up on my fate and keep walking. I steal a look at the sky again. The moon still stares. 

Then I think that maybe its not a manifestation of my regret. Maybe the moon is always watching over me when I don’t know. Maybe it cares.

What if the entire dawning sky is actually an eye, and the moon, its pupil? The pupil contracts and dilates everday. Finally, it gets tired. And the eye closes. The moon disappears. It’s a black night.

So I smile and look at the moon again. I thank it for following me like a shadow above. Yet the moon doesn’t respond. It calmly looks at me in the eye. 

I’m flabbergasted. I can’t discern the gaze of the moon. The lack of knowledge scares me. I try to hide under the canopy of my building. 

I meekly peek again. It looks at me coldly. I run inside and wait until the sun comes out.

But I know, the moon is still looking, hiding within the shadow of the sun.

(Image Source : Pinterest)

This post is dedicated to Uchiha Obito from the anime Naruto, the story for which is written by Masashi Kishimoto sensei.

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