Nautical Musings

Writer’s block. I know it is something that we all who love writing detest. And no, it is not a poor ‘excuse’ for inability, rather a sabbatical to rendezvous with inspiration. I had been searching for words, I had been searching for ideas but just like a mocking hawk, they flew right over the top of my head.

I’ve always been acquainted with the sea by virtue of living in a coastal city. But I actually fell in love with the sea due to the anime One Piece. The adventures that they embark on, the friendship that they harbour, is all that gives my heart warmth. I search for them at the sea. The best feeling ever is sitting on the coastal promenade with headphones blaring One Piece music.

Being in an institution which is right by the sea, now I have the sea within my reach at anytime. I usually go along with classmates but I also enjoy solitude. Today, I had several free lectures unlike my colleagues which prompted me to go by myself. It was just a spontaneous decision with a tangible concern for not being able to write well lately.

A hoodie to fend off the cold weather and nice music to accompany.

I sat on the promenade, my eyes looking ahead at the unknown. The air of the seven seas hitting my face. I felt free. Like I have nowhere to go back to, no deadlines to report to. It is just me, and the sea. At that moment, I didn’t belong anywhere but the sea. Looking at the possibilities that the blue horizon could lead to.

Everyday, looking at people and cars smothers me. I feel like the world is a cramped place. But at that moment, the world was something more. A sphere of infinite adventures. Maps cannot trace dreams and horizons. The sea is so fluctuating. There is so much more to its every move. The sea has a purpose for which it always keeps on persevering. Yet it is not tied down by anything. The sea is alive. It can feel. If you love it, it loves you back.

I looked at my watch. More than an hour to go. I decided to walk till the end of the promenade. I felt adventurous. Like my bag carried some kind of compass. I kept walking, albeit cautiously, staring at my watch again and again to make it back on time for the lecture. As I walked ahead, I saw the sea change colour. Earlier, it was a darker shade of blue, now, it turned into a lighter hue. The gradations were perfectly demarcated. Such is the play of sunlight.

I saw seagulls soaring. They flew in flocks right overhead. Their pristine white feathers perfectly contrasted with the blue sea and subsequently the blue sky.

I sat there for some time, taking in their flight, contemplating whether I should go back or continue my journey. I looked at my watch again. One hour. I started walking again, determined to go until the end.

Amidst people on my right and exquisite buildings on my left, I directed my gaze only at the sea. Ignoring a call or two, I kept moving. Because at this moment, it was just me and the sea. A clandestine meet with only the seagulls as confidants.

I always believed that the promenade ends abruptly with a ‘do not go ahead’ sign. But when I reached there, I was surprised. There lied an extended platform, which harboured an exhilarating view of the sea from all the three sides. The positioning of the sun was picture perfect. I gave up looking at my watch and just lived in the moment. Took a picture or two.

I turned heels and started tracing my way back, a spring in my step. Sometimes being alone can take you to new places. As I neared my institution, I looked at my watch. Twenty minutes to go. I started making my way back to reality, eyes heavy with the fantastical lull of the sea. I learnt two things. One being that I underestimate my walking speed too much.


Somehow, it strikes a chord. I believe ‘colors’ here does not imply physical associations like blue or black or orange. How can we even say that? The sea is free. It cannot be tied down by any associations. The ‘colors’ imply the spirit of the sea. The wild, spontaneous and liberal soul of the sea. The heart to never give up and embrace change. We rage and mellow just like the sea. Just like the end of the horizon, no one knows our future. The sea is mischievous. It mimics the whimsical hues of the sky whilst mocking the immobile beauty of the same. Just like the sea, with a little spunk and strong resolve, we keep moving ahead. We don’t know the whereabouts of the air we breathe in. The sea is indiscriminate. No one knows where the sea begins and ends. Just like so, our desires can’t be marked.

We all are connected to the sea. In our behaviour and desires. Our heartbeats too rise and fall like the waves. Every wave is different, so is every heartbeat. Cessation is stagnation and death.

The sea has existed eons before us and will keep on existing until the end of time. We are the protégés of the sea. It is upon us to borrow the best of it’s teachings and make the best of our time in the world.


And then, I also realized that the sea is my muse.


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This is my first post of 2019, a personal experience along with a quote interpretation 🙂

Happy New Year!


Cruising Through Freedom.


(Come on board and bring along all your hopes and dreams)


(Together, we will find everything that we are looking for)

-One Piece opening 1 and Translation

Under the endless sky, above the sea, as you sail, nothing feels impossible. The horizon is far away. But we keep on chasing it, right to the other side of the world.

That is the adventure of life.

As I looked at the elevation and depression of the waves, I closed my eyes and let the wind hit my face. I stretched my hand towards the sea and at that moment, I felt free. Like I could achieve anything. A world full possibilities was lying before me.

There is not always a pail of gold or jewels at the other side of an adventure. Sometimes, we just set sail with dreams in anticipation of an adventurous journey.

The seagulls doted over the sky and beyond as we went farther. They flew right overhead and swooped along my line of vision. For a moment, I felt mocked by their timeless freedom. But as human beings, we are not entitled to freedom, we need to achieve it – amidst the chaos of our thoughts.

The setting sun hovered right over the coast and shone on the sea. A sight to behold. As it sunk deeper and deeper, it wrapped around all the light within itself.

My eyes captured that moment into the expansive storage of my heart.

After half an hour in the heart of the sea, it was time to turn the helm. We traced back to the coast. As the shoreline approached, the high flying seagulls were replaced by the cawing crows, who, I believe envy the guts of the seagulls to stay away from the land.

As I felt the concrete beneath my feet, the polluted hair hit my face. I was back to reality. I turned back and looked at the sea, who merrily sang away, accommodating new people, who were about experience a similar half an hour of adventure.

Somewhere, far away, my dreams lie dormant. One day, our paths will converge. That is the hope that the sea gave me.

You can only achieve what you want if you free yourself from the shackles of the anchor weighing down your heart. And once the anchor is lifted, set sail and explore opportunities that are spread out before you everywhere. The world is an ocean of possibilities.

Let the current of life hit you on the face. Take a deep breath and stretch your hand towards the sun. The world is waiting to be yours.


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My Baywatch Chronicles.

The bay is a beauty unexplored. Yes, there are people swarming about. People jogging along the footpath near the bay and couples having a sweet time at the sitting area overlooking the sea. 

Yet it is like an untouched paradise. How many people even listen to what is the sea trying to tell us? The sky has a story to whisper. 

The stones notoriously scatter themselves in the big puddle joining the ocean. The buildings go along with the whims of the sun. White during the day, onyx at night.

The sky and the sea feel like a single entity.

I’m a casual photo enthusiast and my phone camera is just a mere shard of glass against the lighting nature plays. 

The sea is shaded. Amidst the sky-blue hue lies a darker shade. They make incomprehensible patterns. But maybe they have a meaning.

Maybe the sea is the nature’s sand. With her nimble fingers of the wind, she writes the name of her unrequited lover on the sand of the sea. Though the syllables are out of our reach, maybe the hawk can see a hawk eyed view of it. 

And when the setting sun washes away her patterns, she cries.

Geographically, the bay looks like an abnormal robotic hand trying to unsuccessfully hold the water in its palms.

Like silent mermaids the rocks lounge about lavishly.  

The love story of the bay is forever incomplete. Like two lovers who are physically close but impossibly far away. As one end of the bay reaches out to connect the string of fate with the other, the horizon acts as a malicious witch. The two lovers never meet. They just gaze at each other from afar. Day in and night out.

As I walk along the sea, the winds calm down. The sunlight burns my head with Vitamin D. My panoramic eyes scan the entire expanse of the bay in one go. 

I listen to their stories over and over again. 

Yet I incessantly go along with the tide every single time.

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